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Bauer APX PRO Senior Hockey Gloves Zoom

Bauer APX PRO Senior Hockey Gloves


ITEM 1038945

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Pure Hockey Says: These special colors and pro enhanced version make this glove a very top-of-the-line glove for the very choosy hockey player! The Bauer Vapor APX Pro Hockey Glove features poly inserts, dual-density foams, a 3-piece Free Flex Lock Thumb, and a Pro Nylon mesh + cable mesh shell, all adding together for the ultimate protection from a glove. The tapered overall fit, the 3-piece index finger, the dual layer digital ivory Nash palm, a contoured, segmented cuff, and a THERMO-MAX+ Liner give this glove everything you can need or want in a glove, plus more.
Pro nylon mesh- very durable
Cable mesh - very light, breathable, and durable

Dual density foam - Located throughout the fingers and backhand
Plastic inserts for maximum protection

Dual Layer Digital Ivory Nash Palm
Traditional feel for increased control and stick feel
Added digital nash overlay for added durability

Liner: Thermo Max+ - Moisture wicking with antimicrobial treatment

Tapered fit - Tighter fit in the fingers, loosens towards the cuff.
Segmented back roll - To follow the natural hand movement in playing position
Contoured, Segmented Cuff - Allows for wrist mobility without sacrificing protection
Free Flex Lock Thumb - Allows for forward flex without compromising the protection bending backwards
Breaks Down by Matt from Boston, MA ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

I had these gloves for about 2 weeks and by the end f this two weeks I already had a huge tear in the left my top hand glove. I loved the glove at first but hated it after the tear came in. But I went to a different pure hockey and asked to return them and they accepted them and gave me a brand new pair of Nexus 1000's, which I am very happy with.