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Bauer HP Pro Grip Senior Composite Stick (2014)

ITEM 1046884-885-915-PHC

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On sale now for: $139.99

The Bauer Supreme HP Pro is an elite level stick at an affordable price. Exclusively designed by Pure Hockey and Bauer, the HP Pro Stick features upgraded technologies from Bauer to provide you with the best performance for the price!

Pure Hockey Supreme HP Pro Stick Upgrades

We at Pure Hockey worked on the Supreme HP Pro stick and decided to add a couple extra features that weren't originally offered at this price range to ensure you are getting the best performance out of your stick. First we added Bauer's TacSpiral grip which wasn't originally offered. The TacSpiral grip is raised on the corners of the shaft to provide you a better feel on the stick. Also, another feature that we added is the textured blade finish. The textured blade will not only grip stick tape better because of its gritty feel, but will also help to upgrade the puck feel as well!

More Supreme HP Pro Stick Features

There are several other key features that are featured on the Supreme HP Pro as well. The first being Bauer's shaft design. The HP Pro features a combination of concave sidewalls and squared corners. The concave sides help for puck feel on your fingertips, while the squared shaft corners aim to prevent any spinning of the shaft while shooting. With no rotation of the shaft in your hands, you should be able to get off the strongest shot possible. Another feature that does a similar job is the Pure Shot Blade Profile. This blade profile strengthens the connection point between the hosel and blade by reducing blade deflection. Yet another feature that results in more accuracy! Finally, the HP Pro features the classic, amped, Supreme Mid-Kick flex profile. This flex profile should be ideal for heavy shots and people who really like to lean into them!

- Mid-Kick Flex Profile
- 3K Carbon Weave
- Aero Foam 1 Blade Core
- Textured blade
- R1 Resin System
- Tac-Spiral Raised Grip
- Squared shaft
- Concave sidewalls
- Pure Shot Blade Profile

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