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Bauer Supreme One.6 Custom Senior Composite Hockey Stick Zoom

Bauer Supreme One.6 Custom Senior Composite Hockey Stick


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The Bauer Supreme ONE.6 stick that you will find at Pure Hockey is a Pure Hockey Custom stick. It is an affordable model out of the Bauer Supreme line. It showcases several features that are featured in the TotalOne NXG, but at a more affordable price point. This model is the first in the Supreme line to include the Pure Shot Blade Profile and the Aero Foam II blade core. If you have seen a Supreme ONE.6 before, you may notice that ours is a little different. We have replaced the gloss finish with a smooth matte finish, as well as adding the Tac-Spiral ridges that were originally left off of the ONE.6. As a final touch, we reversed the color graphics to give you a unique look out on the ice!

- Premium carbon composite construction
- Supreme .520 Power Taper
- Mid-kick Point
- Square double concave walls
- Tac-Spiral ridges
- Matte finish
- Pure Shot Blade Profile
- AERO FOAM II blade core
- 3k carbon composite blade wrap
Defective by Eric from Northborough, MA ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Ive been buying the One 60 for years because it was a good price and performance value. The staff told me the One.6 was the next gen. Unfortunately it broke clean on first use whereas the many One 60s I had would last 4-8 months at about 2-3 games/week. I suspected it was defective because it broke so cleanly with no prior stick slash, so I returned it to Bauer. That was a nightmare. They were unresponsive to emails and denied receipt for 2 months despite my sending a UPS delivery confirmation. I had to make a claim with UPS who then contacted Bauer with proof of signature. Even then, I had to push them. Turns out it was lost in another department even though it had a big Bauer Stick Return Center tag on it. Overall very poor experience and not worth all the time and effort.