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Bauer Vapor APX2 Senior Hockey Skates


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Clearance Price: $469.00

Pure Hockey Says: The Bauer Vapor APX 2 Skate are coming and Bauer has made some great improvements to an already great APX skate. This year`s model includes a 52 Oz. Pro-Style Felt tongue for added comfort, a new Injected Stability Lacing System providingyou with a better footwrap and improved performance consistancy over the life of the skate. Another big change is the LightSpeed Edge holder allowing you to switch runners in a matter of seconds, even between shifts if you lose an edge. The LS Edge is also taller, which lets you get lower and turn tighter without bottoming out. Comes standard with Bauer LS Fusion Holder, which is 27% lighter than traditional runners. Perhaps the best of the best here.
The latest flagship skate in Bauer`s popular Vapor skate line

A CURV Composite upper with X-rib pattern for stability and support

The boot is cut at a more aggressive angle for greate forward flex

A Pro-Style 52 Oz. felt tongue for added comfort and protection from lacebite

Injected Stability Lacing System gives a better footwrap, and provides better performance consistancy over the life of the skate

Sits on the new TUUK LightSpeed Edge Holder, with the trigger feature, allowing players to swap out runners in seconds, even during a game without missing a shift

Features the LS Fusion runner, reducing weight by 27% compared to traditional steel runners

Bauer APX2 by Bryan from Natick, Massachusetts ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Best skates I have ever had. I had a tournament this weekend and they were very good, very light and comfortable.

APX 2 Skates by Austin from Augusta, ME ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

I received my new skates a couple of weeks ago. They really hurt my feet quite a bit in the beginnig, as I was trying to break them in, but they are great now, since I have broken them in. I am really enjoying them.

APX2 Jr r the Bomb! by Velvet from Stratford, CT ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

I purchased the APX2 Jr. Skates online because they dont carry them in the store! Silly!!! I absolutely Love them! I instantly felt faster! Could turn quicker & sharper. Even a team mate told me You look faster! Do you feel faster Yes! Yes I do!!!! Cant wait til the regular season begins & Im in skating shape! I highly recommend the APX2s!!! Theyre worth EVERY PENNY!.... Thanks Bauer! Great product for us average folks! ??