Thursday, August 15, 2013
Bauer APX 2 Composite Stick Preview

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


The much-anticipated Bauer APX2 is almost here! Slated for a September 13th launch date. Some big improvements have been made in terms of weight, durability and feel. 
The Vapor continues to be Bauer’s versatile stick line, with the Intelli-sense technology dual flex zones. Depending on your hand positioning, the stick will flex differently. On a wrist or snap shot, when your bottom hand is higher on the shaft, the stick flexes at a low flex point for a quick release and more accuracy. When you take a slapshot with you hand lower on the shaft, the stick flexes at a higher point for more energy loading and a more powerful shot. 
The biggest improvements have come in the blade. The new Aero-Sense Core is not only more durable, but provides significant increases in feel. The blade core is the Aero-Foam 3 with an energy absorption quality. It is lighter and less brittle than previous iterations giving it better feel and durability. 
The new blade core is more pliable than in the past, which allows the blade to give more catching hard passes or taking impacts and making it less susceptible to cracking internally. Think of it like the glass on a cell phone screen, it has some give to it, so as to not crack too easily on small impacts. 
There is also an added “sense layer”, a rubberized coating around the core to dampen impacts. It also adds feel to the stick when stick handling. Combine this with the new stitching through the core and the additional durability is noteworthy. These features work together to reduce heel and toe cracking and prevent that internal cracking you can hear that weakens blades over time. 
The new Vapor APX2 has the quickest shot release velocity of any stick, according to Bauer. It is designed to load energy when it hits the ice, and then again when the stick contacts the puck, as opposed to bouncing off on contact. This helps get the puck to maximum speed quicker. It isn’t claiming to shoot any harder necessarily, but it gets to top speed faster, think about a Porsche vs. a Prius, both can do 80 MPH, but one gets to 80 a heck of a lot quicker. 
This idea of the stick being able to “catch” the puck and not rebound off immediately also adds to a players ability to stick handle, keeping the puck from bouncing away from the stick, keeping it closer to the blade, less distance for the stick to move and quicker handles. It also adds to ease of pass receiving. 
Now lets get run down the returning features to catch up. The shaft shape remains the same, with the Micro Feel II shaft. It has rounded corners and double concave sidewalls to fit more comfortably in your hand, improving feel and stickhandling. The APX2 carries over the TeXtreme technology carbon fiber. Exclusive to Bauer, TeXtreme is an ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber that uses a thinner weave and thus less material. TeXtreme is 2
0% lighter than traditional CF without sacrificing strength. Combined this with the use of less material and you’ve got a seriously light stick!
Monocomp technology is Bauer’s industry leading molding process that eliminates the shaft/blade fusion point, removing excess carbon, glue and foam. This makes the stick not only lighter, but much better balanced. Bauer eLASTech lengthens the “pop-life” of their sticks, keeping them performing like new for longer. What this technology does is to stop micro-cracks in the composite from spreading out and weakening the stick. 


The APX is currently on presale at and will ship 9/13. available in stores on 9/13



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Thursday, May 02, 2013
Preview: Bauer TotalOne NXG Protective

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

For 2013, Bauer will be launching their newest protective line, the Supreme TotalOne NXG line. The NXG will be the anatomical fit line from Bauer, fitting naturally, and close to the body. A big upgrade to the entire line is the across the board addition of PORON XRD Foam, one of the most advanced impact absorbing materials in hockey


Starting with the TotalOne NXG Shoulder Pads, there were many upgrades to this year’s model from the previous. Returning to the pad are things like the Free Flex chest, allowing maximum mobility, and the Thermo-Max+ Liner to keep the pad nice and light. Again it will have the removable abdominal pad, for more protection if you need it or less weight and more mobility if you choose.
The shoulder pad got its PORON XRD upgrade in the sternum area, for the some of the best heart protection you will find in any pad. The mid body of the pad was outfitted with Bauer’s Vent Armor foam, for great protection, while still being seriously light. The Vent Armor Foam was also added to the shoulder caps, with a really creative new design by Bauer, wrapping a layer onto the cap. The goal is to make the pad softer, and safer for both the player making the hit, and receiving it. The new cap softens impacts by 25% compared to the previous TotalOne model. The NXG also has an adjustable, free flex bicep guard, with a sleeve fit, for the most secure and custom fit.

The NXG Elbow Pads have received mostly material upgrades rather than design. Getting the PORON XRD treatment in the inside cup of the elbow, this adds impact protection and comfort, as the foam will contour to your elbow. The cap has a softer outermost cover. The bicep guard and the forearm slash guard are now both made of Vent Armor Foam for added protection and reduced weight. It features the same anchor strap system as last years pad.

The TotalOne NXG Shin Guard comes back again with the F-One Shell, which is a layer of High-Density Foam sandwiched between two layers of hard plastic. The knee donut has been updated with PORON XRD Foam form maximum protection and fit. The shin pads fit naturally and close to the body throughout the kneecap and the shin to be comfortable and low profile.



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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Preview: Bauer TotalOne NXG Glove

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Getting the redesign for the 2013 season are Bauer’s Supreme glove, with the unveiling of the TotalOneNXG. Bauer’s anatomical fit glove, will be a natural, close to the hand fit.

One of the biggest points of emphasis in redesigning the Supreme glove was protection. Bauer added PORON XRD foam into the inside of the backhand of the glove. PORON XRD is one of the most advanced impact absorption materials in hockey. The foam is soft enough that it conforms well, creating a very customized fit inside the glove, and as mentioned has great protective properties.

Bauer also added what they are calling their “Pro-Fluence Palm”. This palm is a single layer construction, with strategic reinforcements. It has bonded PU zones in high wear areas, along with grip sections to maximize your stick control.

Another nice feature on the Supreme glove is the triple-segmented index finger, which adds a lot of control on your stick. The biggest improvement in my eyes was the work done to the glove’s cuff. I felt the TotalOne had a piece running on the inside of the cuff that really decreased wrist movement. The new pro style cuff is much more mobile, and a huge improvement. Look for these at Pure Hockey stores and in mid-April 2013.



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Monday, March 11, 2013
Bauer Re-Akt and IMS 9.0 Helmets

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

In this time when concussions, and head protection are such hot button topics not only in hockey but all sports, Bauer is pushing the envelope technologically with their new helmet models.

Bauer made a huge splash last year with the introduction of the Re-Akt helmet. Featuring the highly impact absorbent PORON XRD foam, and their SUSPEND-TECH Liner, designed to manage rotational force. Beyond the technology, the Re-Akt marked another milestone in my eyes, creating a protective, high-end helmet with that is actually comfortable, with great styling, and being low profile, and not so bulky on your head. The Re-Akt will go forward for 2013 and its shell design will be used in Bauer’s new model, the IMS 9.0.

The IMS 9.0 Helmet is a very interesting concept, it continues Bauer’s movement to integrate popular requests their pro’s make, into their retail lines.  The new V2 liner system uses the Vertex Foam, featured in the Re-Akt, as a base. Vertex Foam has enhanced impact management, while remaining significantly lighter than similar density traditional EPP foam. On top of the Vertex Foam, will be a layer of VN foam for comfort. This is a feature often seen in the NHL on other models as players look for a little extra comfort, and its now available to you.

I personally have been wearing the Re-Akt since about a month prior to its release, and I was skeptical when I first tried it but I am a huge fan now, way more comfort than I expected, but I am even more excited for the IMS 9.0, I’ve been a 4500 most of my life, love the Re-Akt, and this at first glance looks to be a nice mix of the best of both. Looks for it at Pure Hockey and around mid June 2013.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013
Preview: Bauer Nexus 1000 and Nexus 800 Gloves

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

There have been a lot of players worried this winter, with rumors floating that the Bauer 4-Roll would be no longer. Well the rumors are true, kinda. Bauer is shifting the 4 Roll style to create the Nexus line of gloves. A natural fit, as the entire Nexus product line is built on the merging of classic fit and styling, with the most innovative technology in the game. The Nexus line retains the classic, volume fit, great if you like a lot of room and mobility in your gloves.

The Nexus 1000 glove comes as an upgrade to the last 4 Roll model. The biggest upgrade is the back roll. The 1000 will feature a double density EPP foam is superlight weight and has increased strength. It provides maximum protection without additional weight. A 12 mm layer of EPP, under an 8 mm layer of EPP, topped off with a PE insert for great protection. The palm is a pro ivory nash, the most requested palm material in the pro ranks, reinforced with an additional black nash overlay for improved durability in high wear areas. Bauer lined the glove with their THERMO-MAX+ liner, and air mesh gussets for durability.

The Nexus 800 is going to be an update of the current 4-roll, carrying most of the same level features, double density foam back rolls with poly inserts for protection. The THERMO-MAX liner allows the glove to dry out quickly and not retain as much moisture during play. The shell is lightweight pro nylon, for great breathability. The palm is pro Clarino ivory nash, with double layering in high wear areas. The gussets are also nash, which I think creates a more comfortable feel.

One thing I love about both models is the way the top half of the thumb has been flared out, to create almost a bell shape. It gives a more comfortable, more mobile fit by letting your thumb sit at a more natural angle. Overall, its great to see Bauer finally taking the 4-roll style glove to the next level, rather than continuing to make small tweaks. Keep on the look out for some sick, exclusive Pure Hockey colorways as always.


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Thursday, February 14, 2013
Bauer Vapor APX 2 Skate Preview

Bauer APX 2 Skate Preview

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

For the spring of 2013, Bauer is releasing the next iteration of its Vapor skate line, the APX 2. It will continue to be Bauer’s “tapered fit” model, with a narrow V-fit in the heel, and a wider fit in the toe box. Other aspects of the skate carrying over from the original APX are the Hydra-Max 2 liner and the Form-Fit+ footbed.

Beyond the new design aesthetically, the boot is made of CURV Composite –the same material as TotalOne NXG skate- an upgrade from last years Alive composite upper, but will keep the X-Rib pattern, providing structural support and stability. This support maximizes acceleration and makes for quicker turns. Another addition is the pro-style 52 oz. felt tongue. a lot of guys were sitching out the stock FormFit 3 tonuge for something a little thicker on the APX, so this year Bauer took care of that for you.

The new injected stability lacing system is a one-piece construction that maximizes energy return. It also increases the stability, and consistency of performance for the life of the skate, preventing individual eyelets from having more pressure than others, and stopping them from breaking down faster. The system reduces the amount of energy lost, and gives a tighter wrap on the footmaking you quicker on the ice. Bauer has shifted to a more pro-style felt tongue. This increases comfort, while adding protection with the built in guard.

One of the most talked about changes is the switch from the LightSpeed 2 Holder, to the new LightSpeed Edge Holder. The feature on the Edge that most people already now about is the trigger system. This is a HUGE feature for players who often travel for tournaments, or go on road trips where you are away from your preferred sharpener, or a sharpener at all. The system allows you to switch steel in seconds, without taking the skate off. Aside from players travelling, it is also excellent feature for peace of mind. Keep a spare pair of steel in your bag, and if you break a runner, or lose an edge mid-game, you likely won’t even miss a shift swapping them out.

The other advantage to the LS Edge Holder is the additional height. Bauer added 3 MM of overall height, giving the skate a more aggressive attack angle. This also allows you to get lower, and turn harder without bottoming out to the plastic and spinning out. The APX 2 comes standard with Bauer’s LS Fusion runner, made of fused steel and aluminum, reducing the weight by 27% compared to other a standard steel runner.

The APX 2 are definitely a skate to keep an eye on, and absolutely one to make sure you try on! Check them out at Pure Hockey stores and starting mid-April.

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Friday, September 14, 2012
Bauer TotalOne NXG Stick Preview

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing 


Always trying to stay ahead of the game, this fall Bauer is releasing their next stick in the Supreme line, the TotalOne NXG. With this much anticipated stick, Bauer is really pushing the envelope.
A couple of the biggest upgrades to the stick from the original TotalOne, is in the durability department. For this year, Bauer incorporated their eLASTech technology, already found in the APX and Nexus sticks. What this does is limits the spread of micro-fractures, from slashes and puck impact, keeping the stick stronger for longer and increasing the “Pop-life” of the stick. In the blade, they have brought in their dual density core. This brings together the Power Core 3 technology, that has unmatched feel on the puck, and Aero Foam II, which provides great torsional stiffness while remaining extremely light. This combination results in a lightweight blade, with great stiffness to prevent blade deflection and keep the face square on shots, while still having great feel. 
The shaft of the NXG is the Supreme Power Shaft, featuring square, double concave walls, with a taper that is thicker in the hosel area. In coordination with the amplified mid kick, this taper minimizes shaft deflection while loading up for powerful shots to optimize energy transfer and keeps the blade aligned for accuracy. The shafts Tac-Spiral ridges increase sensory connection to the stick. Combined with the Supreme’s squared corners and double concave walls, Tac-Spiral gives a great grip in even the most aggressive stickhandling or shooting situations. 
The NXG features an amplified mid kick, engineered to provide maximum energy loading and output with minimal effort. It is stiffer in the lower section of the shaft and softer in the middle to easily energy load. 
The TotalOne NXG also has many features that have been seen in other top end Bauer sticks, like Bauer’s TeXtreme technology, a carbon that is 20% lighter than conventional carbons without sacrificing strength. Their Monocomp technology leads the industry as a single molding process, increasing consistency. By removing overlapping composite, resin and foam, it balances the stick better and reduces overall weight. The NXG also has Bauer’s Pure Shot Blade Profile, this is an expanded throat, strengthening the connection between shaft and blade, to reduce twisting of the blade, therefore keeping the blade square for more accuracy. 
The TotalOne NXG is available at all Pure Hockey Locations and

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Bauer Vapor X6.0 Composite Stick

Bauer’s Vapor X 6.0 Stick is the third stick down in the Vapor line from Bauer for 2012. It is behind the APX and the 7.0. Like those two sticks, it features Bauer’s Intelli-sense shot technology for flex profile, and basically what that means is that depending on the shot you’re taking and where your hands are placed, it’s going flex a little bit differently. Taking a slapshot, it’s going to load up and give you a little extra power in that shot; in a snapshot or a wristshot, it will give you a quicker release.

Down in the blade, it features that same Aero Foam technology that you see in the APX and the 7.0. It’s a lighter foam inside, a little bit stronger and will provide a little more feel back on the puck when you’re stickhandling. The connection from the shaft to the blade features Bauer’s Pure Shot blade profile. And what that is, a thickened connection in the hosel, going from the shaft to the blade to strengthen the connection point. That’s going keep the blade from flexing back on shots and deflecting off, and keep the blade nice and square to your target. Along the same lines here is the Vapor Premium Taper, which is a secondary taper along the top and the bottom of the shaft, and what that does is that it will strengthen it out, reduce the torsion of deflections so the blade stays square.

Up in the shaft is the Microfeel II shaft, which is the same as found on the APX. It’s a little bit round in the corners, double concave on the front and the back of the shaft, just for a little bit more comfort and a little more control, and to strengthen the stick. This one has the Grip Tack finish, for a little bit more grip on the stick. The Bauer Vapor X 6.0 stick available at and all Pure Hockey locations.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Bauer Nexus Protective Line

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Bauer’s new protective line for 2012 is the Nexus 1000 series. This line was designed 100% based on customer feedback to Bauer, from pros all the way down to beginners. They wanted more classic, wider-fitting protective equipment, so Bauer went and designed the Nexus line, which is a volume fit all the way through, from the shin pad, the shoulder pad, and the elbow pad. It features Bauer’s new EPP foam construction, which is a lightweight EPP foam and posesses superior impact-dispersion properties compared to previously used foams, while still being lighter. The Bauer Nexus 1000 Shoulder Pads feature that lightweight EPP foam and they designed the chest panels to be in different pieces, so it won’t be one big piece. This won't restrict your movement, but will still be very protective. They have the poly bicep guard, which has a nice hard plastic for impact absorbance, so if you take a slash or a hit from some dirty hacker, it’ll be nice and protective for you. The shoulder caps are anatomically designed, which means they are designed to match the shape of your shoulder, so they will sit more flush and be a lot more comfortable. They also won't sit too high or look goofy. The back pad, along the spine and down and through the abdomen by your kidneys, will feature that same lightweight EPP foam, with poly inserts all over them for a little bit more protection. Finally, the inside of the entire pad features Bauer’s THERMO-MAX+ liner which will wick away moisture keeping it nice and light during the game. 
Next up is the Nexus 1000 Elbow Pad. This elbow pad features Bauer’s anchor strap and it’s a really comfortable strap that holds dow nicely, it’s adjustable and not at all like the pads that have the straight sling in them that you’re sliding your arm through with no adjustment. Very nice and comfortable. It has that lightweight EPP foam and poly insert on the forearm wrap, and then it’s a hard plastic, covered elbow cap. Again, this features Bauer’s THERMO-MAX+ liner to wick away moisture and keep you nice and dry and cool down during the game.
The Bauer Nexus 1000 Shin Pad features an anatomical design in their shell. It’s has a poly shell up in the knee and down in the shin. The shin has some slight little ribbing to it which will provide a little bit stronger of a structure and allow for it to take a little bit more of a beating. On the back is the calf wrap, with lightweight EPP foam and a poly insert just for a little bit more protection. Similar to what you saw in the elbow pad, it has this kind of anchor strap – it’s called the shin sling, which will be a little bit more comfortable strap to keep your shin pad nice and tight to your leg. This pad also includes the stretch Velcro straps - what Bauer added is adjustability; there are 2 different spots you can put it in for each strap, one higher and one lower. It’s just going to be a little bit more of a comfort thing and you can customize the fit a little bit more. On the inside, it’s got a pro mesh liner, which actually is completely removable.  It’s a really breathable liner, and it’s also nice, you can take that thing right out and throw it in the wash and your bag won’t stink quite as bad as normal. This pad is actually very similar to something I was wearing for a long, long time, the old Bauer Vapor 10 shin pads, which I was wearing when it was the top model pad. It’s got that nice wide fit, a very similar design on the shell, and it sat back on my knee very well, a nice wide surface for shot blocking. I just loved those pads and this pad really reminds me of those old Vapor's, especially that really breathable liner and it’s got a nice hold in the knee. This pad, like I mentioned with the whole Nexus line, was designed by basically player requests. And this what all the players were looking for, something that fit like that old classic style shin pad, a little bit wider face, a nice deep fit and that’s what they did for the Nexus 1000 shin pad.
So that was the Nexus 1000 line, and for those of you interested in that, you may also be interested in the Nexus Pro line, it’s exclusive to Pure Hockey. It shares most of the same features as the Nexus 1000, with the nice limited edition black color. As you can see, it’s got the same adjustable straps, removable liners, anchor straps, the shoulder pad has the same thing, it’s got that triple bicep pad, so again, the Nexus 1000 line, and the Nexus Pro line, available at and all Pure Hockey locations. 

Here's a video we did recently, so you can see the Nexus 1000 line with some close-ups. Let us know if you have any questions!


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Game Time Review: Bauer Nexus 1000 Stick

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Stick Tested: Nexus 1000 Grip, 87 Flex, P92 Pattern

So, a few weeks ago, a huge truckload of new Bauer Nexus 1000 sticks showed up at our warehouse. Needless to say, it was like christmas in June, because I knew one of them had my name on it to test out. Historically not being a huge Bauer sticks guy, I was a bit unsure of how the stick would perform, but still pumped to try it out. The Nexus did not disappoint.

I don't know the exact weight of the Nexus relative to other sticks currently out, but as soon as I picked it up, the weight was one of the first things I noticed. The stick is really light. On top of being light, it is very well balanced - not shaft or blade heavy.

As I tested the stick out in warm-ups, I really loved the release. Bauer took their squared, double concave taper and combined it with a Tru-Mid kick flex profile to create a smooth natural release. The blade stays square through the shot, with minimal deflection or torsion, to keep shots accurate. I felt really able to lean on and flex the stick and let go for a a hard, quick release without much effort. The mid kick really gives you a natural, effortless feel on shots.

My only real issue with the Nexus is one more with Bauer sticks in general, I found the GRIPTAC grip coating to be way too sticky. It didn't allow me to slide my bottom hand as freely as I would prefer. Besides that I really have no complaints.

The Nexus also pleasantly surprised me with the amount of feel the blade has on the puck. It gave a lot of feedback as to where the puck was on my blade. This is helped by Bauer's Power Core 3 blade, designed to have a soft feel when stickhandling while remaing stiff and strong on shots. The textured finished to the blade also helped to create more feel on the puck

For someone who is not a big Bauer stick fan, the Nexus 1000 really surprised me. It is a great stick from Bauer and is available now at and all Pure Hockey locations.



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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Game Time Review: Bauer Vapor APX Gloves

The APX glove is this years model in Bauer's Vapor line. Bauer's strategy in recent years has been to build 3 totally different glove fits. There is the 4-Roll, a more traditional, looser fit. Then the Supreme line, which is a full anatomically designed fit, made to tightly fit and closely mimic the shape of a players' hand. In the middle of those two relatively extreme fits falls the Vapor line, a "Taper Fit" glove. This fit is looser than a supreme, but more snug than the 4-roll, allowing a tight fit with unmatched range of motion.  

Having worn 4-Roll type traditional fitting gloves for as long as I can remember, it took me a little while to get used to the snugness of the APX. The great part was, I took the tags off of them and was able to jump on the ice in a game without any real issue. They are truly a game-ready glove right off the shelf.

The fit was a bit weird for me at first, tighter than anything I've used, but it is an extremely mobile glove. My biggest thing with a glove is wrist manuverability -I usually cut out the inner cuff as soon as I bring home a new pair of gloves- The APX is designed with Bauer's Free Flex Cuff, to allow for maximum mobility. Even with the snug fit around my hand, I felt very able to move my wrists freely. Along with being angled to open up and align with a players' natural hand position, the cuff is attached by a stretch mesh type material, preventing any restriction of movement.

Another aspect of the glove that I was a bit worried about was the palm. The APX features the second generation of Bauers TECHNI-FLEX palm, which to the naked eye, appears to have a lot going on. Being used to normal plain nash palmed gloves, the APX palm felt a little bit thick to me. I didn't feel that it hurt the performance, I just didn't love it. However, I will say that though I haven't used the gloves long enough to truly test out the long-term durability, I think the reinforcementsat key locations on the palm will drastically improve the palms' life in high-wear areas.

The APX glove is really light to wear as well. That was one of the things I liked the most about them. Being used to a bigger glove that are usually a bit heavier, they felt very light to me. Bauer made this possible through the use of AERO Foam, which reduced the overall weight by 20% without sacraficing impact protection.

Overall, even though it was a pretty new style of glove to me, I have enjoyed wearing the Bauer Vapor APX Glove, another solid product by Bauer Hockey. Available Here at and all Pure hockey Locations.

Check out the video review here...

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Thursday, June 07, 2012
Game Time Review: Bauer Re-Akt Helmet

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Having worn a Bauer 4500 for the better part of the past decade, I recently got to try out a few high end helmets that I likely would not have tried otherwise. I've had the opportunity to test out a couple top-of-the-line bike helmet style- foam helmets, the EPP foam Easton E700 and the slightly different Vertex Foam of the Bauer Re-Akt helmets. I have always valued comfort more than protection in all my equipment, helmets included, and because of this, I have usually leaned towards the softer, more comfortable dual-density VN foams like the 4500.

I have never found a higher end, EPP foam helmet that was very comfortable to wear. I always ended up with pressure points, or having my hair caught between the pieces of foam. The Re-Akt helmet doesn't fit that mold. After getting to try out the Re-Akt I can tell you, this helmet has everything going for it.

Lets go one by one through the normal high end helmet complaints that the Re'Akt solves...

High end EPP foam helmets are uncomfortable...

-Bauer took This EPP hard foam helmet and made it extremely comfortable. The SUSPEND-TECH liner is protective, but it also adds a nice bit of soft padding. Memory foam pads in the temple contour to each individuals head shape for a snug but comfortable fit. I really felt it mold to my head as I wore it. This helmet is also very well ventilatedto keep your head cooler in game. I usually take my helmet off between shifts to cool down, and it wasn't as needed with the Re-Akt.

More protective helmets are bulkier looking

- One of my biggest personal problems with top of the line helmets is there utter lack of style - Look good, Feel good, Play good - Bauer finally listened to players who desired a bucket with top-end protection, and good looks. Designed with the timeless look of the Bauer 4500 in mind, Bauer came up with a sleak, low profile, good looking helmet.

Protection isn't as top notch as advertised

- There was a big push a few years back of companies claiming "Concussion-proof Helmets". Well no such thing existed. Still doesn't. There are two types of concussions, those caused by a direct blow or impact. which can be prevented by the correct impact absorbant helmet/material, and rotational concussions. Rotational concussions are essentially caused by a whiplash type motion, causing your brain to rattle in your head. Bauer worked hard to create something to fight this second type of concussion, introducing the free floating SUSPEND-TECH. this moves independently from the rest of the helmet, protecting the brain from excessive movement within your head. So on top of being comfortable, this is really one of, if not the most, technologically advanced, and safest helmets ever made. The third generation occipital lock does a great job of extending underneath the back of your head to really hold the helmet in place on impacts.

Some other benefits of the helmet that I really liked include the new sizing system. It is really simple to fit, even to adjust in game. It adjusts from one clip, in the back center of the helmet, no tools, just open it, put the helmet on, move it in until its snug and snap it back into place. I am not a huge fan of ear flaps, I take them off as soon as I get a new helmet home, I still did for this the Re-Akt, but when I had the helmet on when I first received it, they were not very noticeable in comparison to a lot of others.


I have really enjoyed the Bauer Re-Akt helmet. Feels good, looked really good on the ice, and is very protective. Although I didn't skate into the boards to test it, having read about the technology, seen the tests that were run, I truly trust that if I needed that type of protection on the ice, I would be all set with the Bauer Re-Akt helmet.

The Bauer Re-Akt is available at all Pure Hockey locations, and here at

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Monday, May 14, 2012
Bauer Nexus 1000 Hockey Stick

By Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

Bauer isn't messing around lately, are they? In addition to the TotalOne NXG skates and the brand new, technology-packed Re-AKT helmet, they're also lining up an entire 3rd family line of product, called Nexus. The Nexus line, according to Bauer, will "link past tradition with current technology." However they want to market it, you can be sure the product quality will be there.

One of the first Nexus products out of the gate will be the Nexus 1000 hockey stick, another top-of-the-line stick to join the APX and the TotalOne. Priced at $249.99 (remember, Bauer and the vendors set pricing on new product, Pure Hockey does not), you should expect the Nexus to be a state-of-the-art, durable and feature-packed hockey stick.

The first thing you may notice is the look - sleek, all-black with some hints of silver thrown in there for good measure. In terms of looks, the Nexus 1000 will certainly remind you a little bit of the Easton RS. We at Pure Hockey loved the look of the RS, so it makes every bit of sense that we would like the look of this one as well, which goes polar opposite to the flair and bling of Warrior sticks and even the APX line. 

So, the nuts and bolts of the stick go a little like this:

Power Shaft, Taper & Tru-Mid Flex
The shaft of the Nexus 1000 is a squared off, double concave taper, which Bauer elected to make a little thicker in the hosel area to work in conjunction with what Bauer is calling their "Tru-Mid Flex," which basically means that a softer handle and hosel allows for a little more flex in those areas where YOU need it.  The slightly stiffer flex is in the center of the shaft and will help you deliver "a quick, natural release. The Nexus "power taper" boosts stiffness to maximize your loading with less torque and twist, which should offer better control and precision as well.

Power Core 3 Blade

Bauer tells us that the blade core's energy absorbance will maximize your power and puck feel, while the lightweight Aero Foam II heel improves balance and core stability. 

Other Features
This stick is loaded with other techniology, too, some of which can be found on Bauer's previous sticks. The Monocomp Technology (single molding process in the blade) removes excess material from the blade, which provides better overall balance. Bauer's TeXtreme blade technology is also back, providing Bauer's exclusive carbon-fiber, which they say is 20% lighter than conventional carbon. The Pure Shot Blade Profile is here as well, which should help to minimize twisting or deflection and give you that extra little accuracy that is so important in the game of hockey.

Bauer did provide us with a demo of the stick months ago, which they took back. As with many of the top-end sticks, it felt absolutely awesome in my hands and I did not notice any major differences in weight or feel from other top-end sticks, either. As with any new release stick, the real story will emerge when we get one to use on the ice. You can bet we will post a Game Time Review in a few weeks, as these hotly anticpated sticks are due into our warehouse any day now.

If you just KNOW that you're a Bauer person and you don't need to hear any more, you can pre-order this beauty by clicking right here.

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Friday, May 11, 2012
Preview: Bauer Re-Akt Helmet

By Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

I just walked out into our warehouse yesterday and saw waves of boxes, just coming off the truck. Whenever this happens, I always have to take a peek at the box to see what's in it and this time it was Bauer's Re-Akt helmet. Bauer has spent the better part of a year (or years?) in research and development on what makes a better and safer helmet - and the Re-Act is the result of that labor.

So first off, this is a minor, but appreciated thing Bauer is doing - adding featuresets and actual graphic design to their helmet boxes. This will undoubtedly help out store shoppers who are browsing, yet have no idea why one helmet may be better than another. Hockey companies in general are still catching up to the rest of the world on this type of stuff, so it's nice to see that it's really starting to happen.

OK, now let's get down and dirty here. Let's start off with the most important part - the inside, protective part of the helmet. This is where Bauer has really devoted some time and energy into making the most stable and protective helmet they possibly could. The picture below on the left side, is the inside of the helmet, obviously. Bauer has calls this their "Suspend-Tech Liner," which is loosly attached to the inside of the helmet. Now, when I say "loosely attached," don't let that worry you - it's not like it's going to fall out of the helmet. You can see what I mean by looking at the picture on the right. At impact on the ice, the liner will move independantly from the foams in the helmet to help protect your squash from any potentially damaging brain movement. Of course, no helmet can prevent concussions entirely, but Bauer's technology is taking a next step in protection.

OK, so here's a shot of the helmet in its full-glory. Bauer modeled this one after their immensely popular 4500 line and you can clearly see that in the design. Why mess with success?


On the back you have the adjustment feature, which you can move up or down to help stabilize the back of your head and give you that good, snug fit that you need. 

Towards the top of the helmet, you have your tool-free adjustment, which gives you quick, easy adjustment options. At first glance it looks a little odd, but it actually gave Bauer a chance to slightly tweak the width of the helmet and enhance the protection on the sides. 

....and finally, here's the angled ear-loops and dual-density ear covers.

I tried this helmet on and I must say it warrants real consideration. This is a top-of-the-line helmet pricewise and Bauer has created top-of-the-line technology and it is - by a long shot - the most comfortable Bauer helmet I have ever put on my head. I currently wear a Cascade M-11 and the Bauer Re-Akt provides the same level (if not better) of comfort.

We will be doing some on-ice testing in the next couple of weeks and will provide a game-time review at that time. The Bauer Re-Akt will be on sale at Pure Hockey stores and on May 18th. 

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Friday, March 16, 2012
Preview: Bauer Nexus 600 Limited Edition Skate

By Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

As you may imagine, one of the things we like the most around here is when someone from Bauer, Reebok, Easton, etc come into the office with bags and bags of new and upcoming gear for us gawk at. It's definitely one of the better parts of the job. Often times, we see this stuff months before the product is mass-produced (and yes, way before ModSquad or whatnot) and believe me, it takes all the fortitude I have to not snap I-Phone pics of everything and post them everywhere so you can see the stuff early too! Nonetheless, we are bound by confidentiality agreements with all these vendors, so we abide by them. Because we're nice.

So when the legal gates fly open and we can show you pictures of stuff, well, that's fun, man! Today is no different. There is a lot of buzz out there about Bauer introducing a third line into the product cycle, an addition to the Supreme and Vapor line, called Nexus. The Nexus line of product was recently on display at the Let's Play Hockey show in St. Paul, MN, so a lot of people out there got to see the standard line of gear coming and Bauer is starting to let it fly on the internet as well - the images are obviously getting around.

But on the outskirts of the core Nexus line is some Nexus stuff that only Pure Hockey will offer. We do this on occasion - we will work with Bauer to come up with some cool variations on product and because of our size, they'll make it for us! For example, the all-white Bauer 4-Roll gloves are something that only Pure Hockey carries and many of you have spoken with your wallets - we appreciate that, of course - but the real fun is conceptualizing the alternative look and then actually seeing it! It's a cool feeling. The S19 Pure stick from Easton was a huge hit as well, with many NHL'ers using that stick.

So it's with great excitement that we give you a little sneak peek of the Nexus 600 Limited Edition skate. This will ONLY be available at Pure Hockey. Here's the picture, in all its beauty - you can spin baby around with your mouse and see it from all angles (and you can tile it up and down with your mouse too). Have a look (specs are below the picture):

Here's some quick specs on the skate:

Upper Features:
Quarter Package: variable stiffness Compression-molded EVA with performance nylon
Lining Material is hydrophobic performance-woven liner
Heel Support is a patented anatomical heel/ankle support

It also has anaform ankle pads, the tongue is white 2-piece felt with a molded metatarsal guard and the footbed is Bauer's FORM-FIT+ with grip, moisture management and heel stabilizer.

Lower Features:
The outside is a full fiber composite and the stock blade runners/holder are TUUK Lightspeed 2 with TUUK super stainless steel runner.

We don't have an exact release date on these, but we can tell you it should be sometime early July if everything works out right. We hope this has you as excited as us! Check back here for more info on upcoming releases and other fun stuff.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Bauer APX Stick Review

By Tyler Roy, Pure Hockey Berlin, MA

When you pick up and play with the Bauer x:60 stick you might think, "well, this is nice, but how can Bauer make this better in any possible way?" I was thinking the same thing, having used the x:60 multiple times and having some solid success with it. I did, however, finally get my hands on the new Bauer Vapor APX stick and somehow it feels even better than the old x:60 does. Its stronger, feels lighter, has a better puck feel and - in my opinion - looks better.

Now, the APX is going to keep a lot of the same great technology as the x:60. You're going to see the same Intelli-Sense flex profile, that means depending on what shot you take and the way your hands are positioned, the shaft is going to flex accordingly. You're also going to have the same Micro Feel 2 shaft - a slightly smaller shaft with rounded corners and concave sidewalls. But internally it's a much different stick.

You will notice that the blade on the APX stick feels different than the x:60. That's because Bauer has made a hybrid of the TotalOne blade foams and used it on the APX. This is the same blade makeup that most of Bauer's NHL players are using. This new foam set up is going to give you a much more solid puck feel but also keep your blade closed when you're shooting. Bauer also added a nice "pro style" blade texture, so if you have used a pro stock stick before, you more than likely know what I'm talking about. It's basically a sandpaper like finish on the blade that gives you an enhanced feel and your tape will grip to this texture better as well.

Moving to the shaft of the APX, this is a true one-piece stick, again just like the x:60. As mentioned previously, the APX stick is going to be using the same shaft dimensions and round corners with concave sidewalls. But on the inside, Bauer flips the switch with a new resin system, which makes the stick lighter but - more importantly - stronger. The APX stick is 15 grams lighter and a stronger, more responsive stick - sounds awesome, right? The grip system is also a little different; Bauer is offering the traditional grip tac grip (tacky grip feel), but also a matted grip as well. Other elite-level sticks such as the Easton RS and Reebok Ai-Nine will feature this softer matted grip, too.

The Bauer APX is due out 10/6 at all your local Pure Hockey stores and you can pre-order them right here as well.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011
Bauer X:60 Limited Edition Stick Review

One thing we’ll be doing a lot of in the coming years is letting our store managers test out a crapload of hockey product and sharing their opinions about it. Today we’ve roped in one of our newest managers, Alan Albee. Alan manages the new Pure Hockey store up in Dover, NH. That being said, Alan is not new to hockey. He managed the same store when it was called Philbricks and he was so good at it that we kept him on!

We gave Alan one of the new Bauer Limited Edition X:60 sticks and here’s what he had to say:

Incredibly light, incredibly fast, incredible feel in my hands; the Bauer Vapor X:60 Limited Edition stick is leading the way in high-end composite stick performance and technology.  The X:60 LE stick has a blade light feel and gave me incredible balance  -which makes the stick feel like an extension of my hands.  This version of the X:60 has the same lightning quick release as the original X:60 with a darker look to shoot harder, dangle faster, and leave your opponents wishing they had picked up the LE when they had the chance.  Get it while you can; the Limited Edition Bauer X:60 stick helped elevate my game and I looked good doing it!

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