Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Bauer Vapor X6.0 Composite Stick

Bauer’s Vapor X 6.0 Stick is the third stick down in the Vapor line from Bauer for 2012. It is behind the APX and the 7.0. Like those two sticks, it features Bauer’s Intelli-sense shot technology for flex profile, and basically what that means is that depending on the shot you’re taking and where your hands are placed, it’s going flex a little bit differently. Taking a slapshot, it’s going to load up and give you a little extra power in that shot; in a snapshot or a wristshot, it will give you a quicker release.

Down in the blade, it features that same Aero Foam technology that you see in the APX and the 7.0. It’s a lighter foam inside, a little bit stronger and will provide a little more feel back on the puck when you’re stickhandling. The connection from the shaft to the blade features Bauer’s Pure Shot blade profile. And what that is, a thickened connection in the hosel, going from the shaft to the blade to strengthen the connection point. That’s going keep the blade from flexing back on shots and deflecting off, and keep the blade nice and square to your target. Along the same lines here is the Vapor Premium Taper, which is a secondary taper along the top and the bottom of the shaft, and what that does is that it will strengthen it out, reduce the torsion of deflections so the blade stays square.

Up in the shaft is the Microfeel II shaft, which is the same as found on the APX. It’s a little bit round in the corners, double concave on the front and the back of the shaft, just for a little bit more comfort and a little more control, and to strengthen the stick. This one has the Grip Tack finish, for a little bit more grip on the stick. The Bauer Vapor X 6.0 stick available at and all Pure Hockey locations.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Game Time Review: Bauer Nexus 1000 Stick

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Stick Tested: Nexus 1000 Grip, 87 Flex, P92 Pattern

So, a few weeks ago, a huge truckload of new Bauer Nexus 1000 sticks showed up at our warehouse. Needless to say, it was like christmas in June, because I knew one of them had my name on it to test out. Historically not being a huge Bauer sticks guy, I was a bit unsure of how the stick would perform, but still pumped to try it out. The Nexus did not disappoint.

I don't know the exact weight of the Nexus relative to other sticks currently out, but as soon as I picked it up, the weight was one of the first things I noticed. The stick is really light. On top of being light, it is very well balanced - not shaft or blade heavy.

As I tested the stick out in warm-ups, I really loved the release. Bauer took their squared, double concave taper and combined it with a Tru-Mid kick flex profile to create a smooth natural release. The blade stays square through the shot, with minimal deflection or torsion, to keep shots accurate. I felt really able to lean on and flex the stick and let go for a a hard, quick release without much effort. The mid kick really gives you a natural, effortless feel on shots.

My only real issue with the Nexus is one more with Bauer sticks in general, I found the GRIPTAC grip coating to be way too sticky. It didn't allow me to slide my bottom hand as freely as I would prefer. Besides that I really have no complaints.

The Nexus also pleasantly surprised me with the amount of feel the blade has on the puck. It gave a lot of feedback as to where the puck was on my blade. This is helped by Bauer's Power Core 3 blade, designed to have a soft feel when stickhandling while remaing stiff and strong on shots. The textured finished to the blade also helped to create more feel on the puck

For someone who is not a big Bauer stick fan, the Nexus 1000 really surprised me. It is a great stick from Bauer and is available now at and all Pure Hockey locations.



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Monday, May 14, 2012
Bauer Nexus 1000 Hockey Stick

By Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

Bauer isn't messing around lately, are they? In addition to the TotalOne NXG skates and the brand new, technology-packed Re-AKT helmet, they're also lining up an entire 3rd family line of product, called Nexus. The Nexus line, according to Bauer, will "link past tradition with current technology." However they want to market it, you can be sure the product quality will be there.

One of the first Nexus products out of the gate will be the Nexus 1000 hockey stick, another top-of-the-line stick to join the APX and the TotalOne. Priced at $249.99 (remember, Bauer and the vendors set pricing on new product, Pure Hockey does not), you should expect the Nexus to be a state-of-the-art, durable and feature-packed hockey stick.

The first thing you may notice is the look - sleek, all-black with some hints of silver thrown in there for good measure. In terms of looks, the Nexus 1000 will certainly remind you a little bit of the Easton RS. We at Pure Hockey loved the look of the RS, so it makes every bit of sense that we would like the look of this one as well, which goes polar opposite to the flair and bling of Warrior sticks and even the APX line. 

So, the nuts and bolts of the stick go a little like this:

Power Shaft, Taper & Tru-Mid Flex
The shaft of the Nexus 1000 is a squared off, double concave taper, which Bauer elected to make a little thicker in the hosel area to work in conjunction with what Bauer is calling their "Tru-Mid Flex," which basically means that a softer handle and hosel allows for a little more flex in those areas where YOU need it.  The slightly stiffer flex is in the center of the shaft and will help you deliver "a quick, natural release. The Nexus "power taper" boosts stiffness to maximize your loading with less torque and twist, which should offer better control and precision as well.

Power Core 3 Blade

Bauer tells us that the blade core's energy absorbance will maximize your power and puck feel, while the lightweight Aero Foam II heel improves balance and core stability. 

Other Features
This stick is loaded with other techniology, too, some of which can be found on Bauer's previous sticks. The Monocomp Technology (single molding process in the blade) removes excess material from the blade, which provides better overall balance. Bauer's TeXtreme blade technology is also back, providing Bauer's exclusive carbon-fiber, which they say is 20% lighter than conventional carbon. The Pure Shot Blade Profile is here as well, which should help to minimize twisting or deflection and give you that extra little accuracy that is so important in the game of hockey.

Bauer did provide us with a demo of the stick months ago, which they took back. As with many of the top-end sticks, it felt absolutely awesome in my hands and I did not notice any major differences in weight or feel from other top-end sticks, either. As with any new release stick, the real story will emerge when we get one to use on the ice. You can bet we will post a Game Time Review in a few weeks, as these hotly anticpated sticks are due into our warehouse any day now.

If you just KNOW that you're a Bauer person and you don't need to hear any more, you can pre-order this beauty by clicking right here.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Bauer APX Stick Review

By Tyler Roy, Pure Hockey Berlin, MA

When you pick up and play with the Bauer x:60 stick you might think, "well, this is nice, but how can Bauer make this better in any possible way?" I was thinking the same thing, having used the x:60 multiple times and having some solid success with it. I did, however, finally get my hands on the new Bauer Vapor APX stick and somehow it feels even better than the old x:60 does. Its stronger, feels lighter, has a better puck feel and - in my opinion - looks better.

Now, the APX is going to keep a lot of the same great technology as the x:60. You're going to see the same Intelli-Sense flex profile, that means depending on what shot you take and the way your hands are positioned, the shaft is going to flex accordingly. You're also going to have the same Micro Feel 2 shaft - a slightly smaller shaft with rounded corners and concave sidewalls. But internally it's a much different stick.

You will notice that the blade on the APX stick feels different than the x:60. That's because Bauer has made a hybrid of the TotalOne blade foams and used it on the APX. This is the same blade makeup that most of Bauer's NHL players are using. This new foam set up is going to give you a much more solid puck feel but also keep your blade closed when you're shooting. Bauer also added a nice "pro style" blade texture, so if you have used a pro stock stick before, you more than likely know what I'm talking about. It's basically a sandpaper like finish on the blade that gives you an enhanced feel and your tape will grip to this texture better as well.

Moving to the shaft of the APX, this is a true one-piece stick, again just like the x:60. As mentioned previously, the APX stick is going to be using the same shaft dimensions and round corners with concave sidewalls. But on the inside, Bauer flips the switch with a new resin system, which makes the stick lighter but - more importantly - stronger. The APX stick is 15 grams lighter and a stronger, more responsive stick - sounds awesome, right? The grip system is also a little different; Bauer is offering the traditional grip tac grip (tacky grip feel), but also a matted grip as well. Other elite-level sticks such as the Easton RS and Reebok Ai-Nine will feature this softer matted grip, too.

The Bauer APX is due out 10/6 at all your local Pure Hockey stores and you can pre-order them right here as well.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011
Bauer X:60 Limited Edition Stick Review

One thing we’ll be doing a lot of in the coming years is letting our store managers test out a crapload of hockey product and sharing their opinions about it. Today we’ve roped in one of our newest managers, Alan Albee. Alan manages the new Pure Hockey store up in Dover, NH. That being said, Alan is not new to hockey. He managed the same store when it was called Philbricks and he was so good at it that we kept him on!

We gave Alan one of the new Bauer Limited Edition X:60 sticks and here’s what he had to say:

Incredibly light, incredibly fast, incredible feel in my hands; the Bauer Vapor X:60 Limited Edition stick is leading the way in high-end composite stick performance and technology.  The X:60 LE stick has a blade light feel and gave me incredible balance  -which makes the stick feel like an extension of my hands.  This version of the X:60 has the same lightning quick release as the original X:60 with a darker look to shoot harder, dangle faster, and leave your opponents wishing they had picked up the LE when they had the chance.  Get it while you can; the Limited Edition Bauer X:60 stick helped elevate my game and I looked good doing it!

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