Friday, May 17, 2013
Hockey Stick Weigh-in Part 2


By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


It’s that time again, stick weigh-ins are here. We’ll cut right to the chase…


Once again, these weights are all for the same (or closest comparable) blade pattern and same flex, for consistency. 


1) Bauer Nexus 418 Grams

2) Bauer TotalOne NXG 424 g

3) Bauer Vapor APX LE 430 g

4) Reebok 20K 431 g

5) CCM RBZ 441 g

6) Easton RSII 443 g

7) Easton Mako II 450 g

8) Bauer Supreme One.8 465 g


The other request we had last time was what is the difference in weight between the same model stick. So we tested that out too with the Nexus and TotalOne NXG…

The Nexus weighed 3 times came in at 418g, 418g and 420g. The NXG came in at 421g, 422g, and 425g. So in the numbers seem to be very consistent. 


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Glove Weigh In


By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing
There are few pieces of gear more important than a players’ hockey gloves. Having a comfortable, lightweight, protective glove is vital to feeling confident going into a game. While this test can’t address a glove’s comfort or protection level, it will certainly help out with the weight discussion.
Our Glove Weigh-in…..
                                                                             Single Glove (Grams)             Pair (Grams)
Warrior Bully                                                                  269                                           538
Warrior Luxe                                                                  273                                           546
Easton RS                                                                     278                                           556
Easton EQ50                                                                281                                           562
Easton PH E-Pro                                                         285                                            570
CCM U+ CL                                                                  296                                            592
Bauer Vapor APX                                                         297                                            594
Bauer 4 Roll                                                                 305                                            610
Warrior Franchise                                                       307                                            614
Bauer TotalOne                                                           319                                            638
Bauer Vapor APX Pro                                                 326                                            652
Eagle PPF                                                                    337                                            674
The results: A bit surprising to me that the lightest Bauer glove was the 7th lightest in the group, but again you have to take the weight and the protection into consideration. In many cases, a glove with more padding and more protection is going to be slightly heavier. Not every player wants or needs that much protection so sometimes the sacrifice is worth it. 

Good Showing for Warrior, too, finishing with the top 2 lightest gloves, and also for Easton with the next 3 lightest.  All Gloves weighed were 14” inch retail models. 
Let us know what you think @PureHockey and on Facebook.


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Thursday, July 26, 2012
Skate Weigh in


Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

So a couple of weeks back, we posted a list of some stick weights on high-end composite sticks and we got a really great response, so we are going to continue this over the next few weeks in some different product categories. Today we start with skates in the price range of $599.99 and up (other price ranges will follow).
NOTE: this is not necessarily a list of THE top lightest skates available; not every model is listed, but we feel this is a good representation of what is present on the market. Secondly, weight should not be your only criteria for purchasing a pair of skates! It is definitely a factor in a multi-step process of determining what is best for you. But it's not the only thing you should be thinking about!
Weights were measured of a single skate, size 7.5D. So, what you see listed below is the skate model, the weight of a single skate in grams and then that weight doubled to represent the pair.
1) Bauer TotalOne NXG                         ----680g   ------1360g   ---------- $799.99
2) Bauer Vapor APX                                ----718g   ------1436g   ---------- $799.99
3) Bauer Supreme One.9                      ----746g   ------1492g   ---------- $599.99
4) Bauer Vapor X7.0                               ----805g   ------1610g   ---------- $599.99
5) CCM U+ CL                                         ----830g   ------1660g   ---------- $599.99
6) Reebok 20K                                        ----833g   ------1666g   ---------- $799.99
7) Reebok 18K                                        ----834g   ------1668g   ---------- $599.99
8) Easton RS                                           ----843g   ------1686g   ---------- $599.99
9) Bauer Nexus 800                               ----890g   ------1780g   ---------- $599.99
So there you have it! The Bauer TotalOne NXG's  top the list and the Supreme and Vapor lines follow close behind. Bauer has the top 4 slots! Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see compared in the comments section below, on the our Facebook page and also at our Twitter page.



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Friday, July 13, 2012
Composite Hockey Stick Weights


By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

Over the course of the past few years, the battle to produce the lightest composite stick has raged on between all the major hockey manufacturers. During this time, companies have all looked for ways to tip the scales – pun intended - in favor of their own sticks. So how is it possible that all the manufacturers produce graphs, pie charts and lists that their sticks are undeniably THE lightest on the market? Somebody is right. Right?
Well, in light of that,  we decided to have our own little weigh-in with some of the top model sticks, using a Dymo Digital Scale. In all, we took 9 top-end sticks, all in the same 85 flex and all in a comparable blade pattern. The attempt was to give our customers an even and fair basis for stick weights. Let me note that stick weights should not, by any means, be your only criteria for choosing a stick. But we DO think this will be helpful piece of info for you. 
So without further ado, here are the results, from lightest to heaviest:
7. Easton Mako 464 g
8. Warrior Dolomite 473 g 
So as no real surprise, the Bauer Vapor APX came in at the top spot as the lightest stick, with the new Nexus 1000 just 1g heavier. Now, just to ease your mind, the difference between #9 at 474 grams and #1 at 420 grams shouldn't really alarm anyone here - in my opinion, only the most discerning could probably pick up a stick and really feel the difference in weight. Still, it's fun and interesting to do these exercises from time-to-time and a lot of people ask us about stick weights, so we think this is helpful.
My biggest surprise was the Sherwood Nexon 12, coming in 3rd - and only four grams heavier than the APX! With a price tag of only $189.99, the Nexon 12 is a great, light stick for the money. I wonder if Sher-Wood was mad when Bauer launched Nexus, given Sher-Wood has had the Nexon sticks out for a good while now? Hmmmm.

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