Friday, May 06, 2011
The Worthless Miracle of Modern Technology

So a couple of us are here in Chicago for an internet conference this week. As luck would have it, the Stanley Cup Finals are (or were, I should say) not in Chicago while we are here, but it’s still fun to be in the city when the local hockey team is still playing in June. Anyway, we wanted to catch the game somewhere, so we went down to our hotel bar/pub, where they had some nice, huge windows overlooking the Chicago skyline and several rather monstrous televisions. There was a good crowd there, partaking in the spirits and watching the game.

We made it for two periods before both us decided to head to our rooms out of exhaustion. I put the game in, got in some work, and settled in for the last 5 minutes of the game. Of course, I don’t need to explain who won or what happened, but as the clock wound down in the 3rd period with the game tied 3-3, the Flyers were really putting pressure on Chicago. Niemi made a HUGE save there with about a minute left and then……..BLANK. My screen goes grey. Then blue. Then black. Nothing. Internal panic ensues! Did I miss a late goal? How can this be possible?

EVERY station worked except for NBC, the one showing the hockey game. Was the WHOLE CITY out? That might have been ugly. I pictured true rioting. All was good, though. I rushed back downstairs and saw it went to overtime. Then I saw that everyone in the hotel also rushed downstairs to see it went to overtime. So we all sat on floors, against bannisters, on railings, anywhere really. We all watched it together. With all the noise, we didn’t know Kane had scored until about 10 seconds after he actually scored because it was kind of an odd goal. But it was fun to watch with the locals.

And DirectTV, you suck!

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