Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Game Time Review: Reebok 20K Stick

By Tyler Roy, Pure Hockey Customer Service

With 2012 wrapped up for stick releases, I was thinking it's probably high time that I talk about what should be on your "must-have" list. How does the Reebok 20k stack up? Is it a must-have or just another good stick? Let's take a look! 

There's a new blade system here called the "accuBlade," which is made to reduce blade deflection and give you better accuracy for getting shots ON net and not NEAR it!  Reebok's new and exclusive stick blade is made to get stiffer from the heel to the toe. Interesting. Also, this blade is also Reebok's lightest to date and they moved the balance point up a few centimeters, creating a much more balanced stick. Personally, I love a stiff blade at the toe as I'm more prone to shoot from that area anyway. I did get a chip on the toe in the first few weeks of using it but nothing has happened since, so it appears to be run-of-the-mill wear and tear that you see with all sticks. Bottom-line: this blade out performs any other Reebok blade and it has some real life and good snap.

The good thing about the Reebok 20k hockey stick is that it's a true one piece stick, defined by Reebok as "pure fiber technology." In English, this means the same fibers that are in the top of the stick run all the way to the toe of the blade. Being a true one-piece also removes all the overlapping materials and glues that often times create an unbalanced stick. Reebok also used a new weaving system in the shaft where the fibers on the backhand are angled on a 45 degree and 90 on the forehand. This is designed to create tension when the stick flexes during a shot. That, plus the lowest kickpoint in hockey, equals a slingshot effect when shooting. This stick shoots all types of shots very well, the low kick really snaps the pucks off quick and fast. I find it easy to snap off a quick shot right under the bar and have the ability to fire off a hard slapper too. 

My favorite innovation might have to be the new grip Reebok has used on the 20k. The new "duel grip" features a smooth matte grip on the bottom half of the shaft for hand movement and a sticky grip on the top half to lock your hand in when your ready to shoot. Quite interesting feel and still hasn't worn out after a month or two of use.

All this stuff put together makes a really solid performing stick, much better than the 11k from my perspective. Only chip on the stick is right on the toe, as mentioned, but that's quite minor. The balance on the stick is really good as is the response you get with snap shots and slap shots. Should you get this stick? Well that's for you to choose, but I like it quite a bit. You can buy it right here and try it out for yourself.

You can also see a video here from my co-worker Kyle Stevenson, where he gives his thoughts on it:

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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Reebok 20K Composite Stick Preview

By Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

The fall season is always a fun one, the season is starting up, and new equipment is being released left and right. One of the most anticipated sticks of 2012 is the new Reebok 20K

The first feature you’ll notice when first picking up the 20K is one of my favorites, the new Dual Grip. This gives a matte, smooth finish on the bottom half of the length of the shaft, and Reebok’s Griptonite coating on the top half. What this does, is allows you to have great freedom to slide your bottom hand without your gloves getting stuck on an overly tacky shaft, but still gives you great grip to keep the stick squared on shots creating a lot of torque. I really like this feature, as I feel that I often get caught between the grip models being too sticky, and the clear models being too slippery. This is a great medium. 
Reebok also utilizes their Pure Fiber technology in the 20K Stick for 2012. This process is Reebok’s way of constructing the stick to be a true one piece, as opposed to having a fusion point. This reduces the weight in the lower part of the shaft and hosel, by minimizing the amount of composite material needed.
The next two biggest technologies in the 20K are both involving the blade. Reebok’s upgrade to their blade wrapping technique, the Dual Matrix II. This involves angling the carbon fiber on the backhand side of the blade at 45? and at 90? on the forehand side. This causes tension between the sides on shots, creating a slingshot effect to generate what Reebok calls the “Hyper Release”. The other blade feature, and the one I’m excited about is the AccuBlade Technology. The heel of the blade has good stiffness, and the blade gets stiffer towards the toe, effectively eliminating blade torque on shots. Personally, I take most of my shots off the toe half of the blade, so a blade that doesn’t deflect back with shot pressure is huge. 
The 20K is available at all Pure Hockey Locations and

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Monday, August 15, 2011
Reebok AI9 Hockey Stick

Mark your calendars.  On October 15th, 2011, the Reebok A.i nine stick will be released at all Pure Hockey locations.  New for the
2011-12 season, the A.i nine will become Reebok’s premier composite stick.  While the “K” line with SicKick technology will continue to be produced, Reebok will be offering a new alternative with the A.i nine.  Literally, the A.i nine represents a shift in the balance of power.  Many changes in materials and construction give the A.i nine a perfectly balanced feel while maximizing energy transfer from the stick to the puck.

Unlike previous composite sticks with a low kick point, the A.i nine’s kick point is located near the center of the shaft.  This innovative change provides a greater energy transfer throughout the stick giving you a more accurate and powerful shot.  Another significant change in the shaft of the stick focuses on the stiffness of the A.i nine’s walls.  Using what Reebok has called a “Power Taper Ratio,” the top and bottom of the shaft of the A.i nine are twice as stiff as the sides.  Reebok believes this golden ratio gives you a competitive advantage by maximizing the power exerted when shooting.

The exterior of the shaft is coated with Tactile Griptonite, a revamped version of the Griptonite found on the 11K.  Reebok’s Tactile Griptonite combines a woven textured shaft with a traditional gripped coating.  This optimizes the feel of the stick giving you increased stick and puck control.

The A.i nine epitomizes innovation and many of the trusted specs that have been proven to work in previous Reebok sticks are still present 
in the A.i nine.  That includes Reebok’s Pure Fiber Technology, which is Reebok’s method of creating a true one-piece stick.  A true one-piece stick means that the blade and shaft are created in the same mold.  This eliminates the weight of additional materials needed to re-enforce a fused blade and shaft.  In the case of a true one-piece stick, less is more.  As a result, the A.i nine and other Reebok sticks made with Pure Fiber Technology have a lighter more balanced feel than their competitors.

Arguably the most important part of a composite stick is the blade. The materials used and the process by which it is constructed 
ultimately dictates the balance, feel, and power of the entire stick.  Reebok certainly kept that in mind while designing the A.i nine.  The most notable feature of the A.i nine is the Xlerated Blade.  This is Reebok’s lightest blade to date.  The core of the Xlerated Blade consists of soft foam sounded by with extra stiff carbon fibers in a Dual Matrix weave to create one of the most durable, lightweight, and powerful blades on the market.

I know what you’re thinking.  You can’t wait to get one of these in your hands and I don’t blame you.  This stick is sweet.  It is so sweet, in fact, that my words and eloquent description do not do it justice.  Christmas comes early, October 15th.

In the meantime, check out Tim Doyle’s video review below as he takes you on magical trip exploring all the wonderful features the A.i nine has to offer:

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