Monday, May 16, 2011
Pure Hockey IPhone/IPad Application

The Pure Hockey IPhone app has arrived! For now, IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch are the only devices that can download the application. Of course, we do hope to expand the scope of compatible phones during 2011 and beyond. So let all your hockey playing friends and hockey fans know to head on over to ITunes and download this puppy!  It’s actually a real helpful tool for anyone who shops at Pure Hockey.

Before I started working here, I was always confused about the store hours, since they change every few months. Now you don’t have to be confused anymore. It’s all there on the app! Laid out for you nicely, I might add. What else does the app do?

Well, the Pure Hockey IPhone app provides mobile users with easy, one-touch access to the following:

  • Updated store hours
  • All the important addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for each store
  • Maps and directions to each store
  • A link to explore and purchase at the online store
  • Updated product features and deals
  • Direct access to our blog, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages
  • An easy and direct way for you to subscribe to receive SMS/Texts from us

So the link is here - or you can download right out of ITunes by simply searching for Pure Hockey. Remember, you can also join our Mobile Club to keep informed about specials and deals. Just text the keyword “hockey” to 83936. Enjoy the app!  And please, let us know if you have any feedback or features you’d like to see. We’re always listening.

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Friday, May 13, 2011
Product Restrictions Apply

“Product Restrictions Apply.”

You see that statement in many,  many, many advertisements for retail sales of all kinds. Judging by your Facebook posts and emails to us, you’ve certainly seen that statement it in our ads as well. It’s not because we’re trying to confuse you or make your life difficult. We promise. It’s hard enough to get through all the noise out there and convince you that buying something from us is your best bet.

So why is that pesky little statement in all of our ads, you ask? Because we have to have it there. We live under the rules and regulations of our vendors (Bauer, Reebok, CCM, Warrior, Easton, et al) when it comes to advertising sales & deals. There is something called “MAP” that all of the hockey retailers abide by. MAP stands for “minimum advertised pricing” and there are certain products – mostly all the newer stuff – that we are not allowed to sell under a certain price. If any retailer does sell for UNDER a MAP price, that retailer runs the risk of not being able to sell that equipment anymore. So it’s not a much of a choice – if Bauer, Reebok, Warrior or Easton stop making their product available in Pure Hockey stores, you ain’t coming!

So we abide by it and we accept it without hesitation. We understand it. We follow it.

Now, on the web, it’s even more stringent. We cannot advertise under MAP on the web either, but we have further restrictions. We can’t even advertise free giveaways on the web. For example, if we advertise that you get a free sticker or t-shirt with every order, that is against MAP policy. We can actually do that and we have, on some occasions, given away free shirts with web orders, but we just cannot advertise it. If we advertise a 20% off sale on the web (like we will be having this coming August), we have to let you, the shopper, know that a certain item cannot be discounted right there on the site or in the shopping cart. 

The complexity with web retailing when using MAP products is an interesting animal. For example, a retailer might think they can skirt MAP by just discounting an item automatically when it goes into the cart. A retailer cannot do that. Why? Because even when a customer is looking at their cart, ready to check out and there’s a discount applied in the cart that violates MAP pricing, it’s still considered advertising a price. See? Complicated.

Let it be said here, however – we will always try to get you the best deal we possibly can. So call our Customer Service team if you have any questions about discounts - we don’t think you’ll be disappointed one bit —  and saying that is not a MAP violation!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011
Hockey Customer Service

Customer service – the magic elixir. Without it, you’re nothing. Most often retailers, online and offline, only hear the bad experiences, since people rarely shout out with glee in public about a positive experience. And that’s fine – you should always have a good experience and not need to feel shocked when you do. But of course, we still love getting the nice feedback, like a cat needs stroking. Luckily for us, we also don’t hear much negative feedback at all, so that makes us happy. All that said, here’s some text from an email sent to us this morning from a recent visitor to our Berlin, MA store. We love the effort here, not just for hockey related stuff, but also helping outside of hockey! Check it out:

I shop at Pure Hockey all the time and I felt the need to express my gratitude to your Berlin, MA store for going above + beyond with customer service.

I recently visited your Berlin, MA location to look into a new helmet for my son Scott. The gentleman that helped me fitted the helmet perfect for him + tried on multiple face masks until he got the right fit…Then I cashed out + that gentleman was so nice and personable too. Everyone there was helpful that day. When I left the store my car would not start!!!

Scott had a tournament game at New England Sports Center and needed to be there in 15 minutes. Everyone in the Berlin store looked for jumper cables but no one had any, so I called AAA and they told me it would be 45-60mins. One of your guys offered to take his break + drive my son over there so he wouldn’t miss his game and another one of your employees found a mom that was heading back over to NES to give him a ride. So Scott made his game with his new perfectly fit helmet and all worked out well. I just want you to know how much I truly appreciated everyones help that day.

It’s nice to know people still care + are willing to lend a helping hand, and that’s what I call way above and beyond
in customer service. Thank You Pure Hockey Staff in Berlin, MA!

Renee Shorrock
A Proud hockey mom in Dartmouth, Ma

Your feedback is so important to us – positive or negative. Please never hesitate to reach out to us if you need to, either via our Customer Service hotline at 877-8SKATES (875.2837) or by emailing us at We’re always listening and happy to help!

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Sunday, May 08, 2011
Hockey Stick Warranties

Often time, there is much confusion around the issue of stick warranties. Hey, it totally sucks when you buy a $200 composite stick and the thing breaks on your third damn shift! We get it. We sympathize. No really, we do. Most of the guys and gals who work in our stores are hockey players, too. So what’s a person to do when this happens? First, say a bad word. Get creative.

The next step, after you’ve calmed down, is where we hear a lot of frustration.

The hockey equipment industry is a very interesting place to hang your hat every day. There is a lot controlled by the vendors (i.e., Reebok, Bauer, CCM, etc) and sticks are one of those things. We’ll discuss some of the other stuff in a later blog post, but for now let’s keep things focused on sticks. When you buy a composite stick, it has two identical stickers on it. One of those stickers is easily removed – our cashiers remove that sticker from the stick and stick it right onto your receipt. So keep that receipt! If your stick breaks, that receipt is gold! OK, it’s not gold – but it’s essential for your mental well-being.

Now, if the stick breaks within 30 days of purchase, you will  need to call the customer service number for the applicable vendor (phone numbers are provided here) and it is your responsibility to ship it back to the vendor for refund or replacement. Just to be clear – we at Pure Hockey do not set the guidelines for this – those are guidelines handed down by vendors. You may now be asking what happens if your stick breaks on the 31st day? Well, to be honest there isn’t much you can do there. The vendor policy is 30 days and there isn’t anything we can do with a 30+ day old stick. Again, it’s frustrating. Luckily, the sticks these days are quality sticks and are not breaking like wood sticks did, so your odds are very very good with your composite. We see very very little 30+ day stick returns, so that’s encouraging and tells us the quality is there.

We are, of course, always open to hearing any new, constructive ideas  from our customers about how to handle such things, but we’ve actually found this to be a pretty decent set of policies. Thoughts?

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