Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Welcome to the Brand New PureHockey.com!

Welcome to the brand shiny new PureHockey.com! 

When we set out to build a brand new PureHockey.com, we didn't want to take our old site and just make it a little bit better. That's what our competitors do. We didn't want to just create some new colors and graphics, either, and claim we have a new site. Heck no. We wanted to BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER. So that's what we did.

As you can see when you scoot around the new digs here, it's a complete, 100% overhaul of our old, creaky, antique site. The first thing we thought about was the most obvious - what should we do that would be best suited for YOU on PureHockey.com and the answers were not exactly hard to capture - a place to purchase, learn, see videos, get equipment guidance from human beings - and of course see all the latest and greatest hockey equipment and apparel..

A note, though - there are many, many changes from our old site. For more information on how to actually use all the new features, including an incredibly helpful new search and navigation tool (among many other new features), click right here. We've put together a crash course for you - with pretty pictures - to get you comfortable with the new digs as quickly as possible. 

So what else is new? Well, do you have an hour? There is a TON of stuff going on now:

First off, our new images allow you to see a lot of key product in 360 degree formats - that's right, you can take your mouse and spin some product all the way around, up and down and see it from all angles. How sweet is that? Want a sample - just click here. Nobody in hockey retail is doing this. We do. Because we love you.

Second, most of our product descriptions are actually written by human beings. That's right - PEOPLE! Can you even imagine? We undertook quite a project during the building of this new site - we enlisted hockey experts to re-write almost ALL of the product descriptions. Most of them were written by our store managers - this is a group of guys who are as crazy about hockey as you could possibly imagine. Oh sure, you can go to our competitors websites and read the puzzling descriptions with verbiage that only scientists can understand (and most of which are just copied and pasted out of books provided by the vendors) OR you can hang with us and get product descriptions written by OUR people, with OUR opinions. These are people who live and play the game, giving you the guidance you need on a human level.

Third, there is now video for a lot of our products to help you get familiarized with what you're thinking about buying. The more information the better! Some videos are provided by the vendors (Bauer, Reebok, Easton, etc) and some will be shot here at Pure Hockey. Stay tuned in 2011 as we really increase our video presence.

That's not even close to what else has changed around here: Other stuff: 

  • Our store location pages have been greatly enhanced. You can now get easy access to store hours, maps, directions, manager bios and photos & video tours for each store. 
  • We've made huge strides consolidating categories. It's a much more simple site to navigate and find stuff, as all the important hockey stuff you need is along the top of the site on those sweet hanging banners (which seem to be most people's favorite part of the site). 
  • In addition to better search and navigation, the traditional search box has also undergone a tremendous upgrade. Try it out!
  • We also love the mouseover on the shopping cart icon so you can see what's in your cart without actually having to GO to the cart.

In short, the recurring theme we had in mind as we designed and built this beast was one word - SIMPLICITY. We wanted to create as simple, seamless and easy a process for you as humanely possible - and while we feel like we've achieved that with what you see here, we're not done. A few features are still to come and we'll keep those close to the vest for now! But stay tuned, because it's gonna be a fun ride.

With change, there's always pain points. The one bummer about our complete online overhaul is that you'll need to establish a new account with us. Your old information (login, email, card info) was not something we were able to bring with us to the new site. It only takes a minute to sign up, though, so go ahead and do that now, won't you?

As always, feel free to share any feedback about the site. As always, YOU are the reason we are here, so we thank you for all of your past and future business.

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