Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Preview: Bauer TotalOne NXG Glove

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing


Getting the redesign for the 2013 season are Bauer’s Supreme glove, with the unveiling of the TotalOneNXG. Bauer’s anatomical fit glove, will be a natural, close to the hand fit.

One of the biggest points of emphasis in redesigning the Supreme glove was protection. Bauer added PORON XRD foam into the inside of the backhand of the glove. PORON XRD is one of the most advanced impact absorption materials in hockey. The foam is soft enough that it conforms well, creating a very customized fit inside the glove, and as mentioned has great protective properties.

Bauer also added what they are calling their “Pro-Fluence Palm”. This palm is a single layer construction, with strategic reinforcements. It has bonded PU zones in high wear areas, along with grip sections to maximize your stick control.

Another nice feature on the Supreme glove is the triple-segmented index finger, which adds a lot of control on your stick. The biggest improvement in my eyes was the work done to the glove’s cuff. I felt the TotalOne had a piece running on the inside of the cuff that really decreased wrist movement. The new pro style cuff is much more mobile, and a huge improvement. Look for these at Pure Hockey stores and in mid-April 2013.



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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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