• Twitter Chat Transcript: John Tavares

    On Monday, August 17th, New York Islanders forward, CCM Hockey athlete and perennial All-Star John Tavares took over the Pure Hockey Twitter feed and spent 30 minutes interacting with fans and answering questions. Here's the transcript:
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  • Boston University Club Hockey Coach Interview – Greg Carr

    In the US, College Club Hockey – ACHA or independent – is a rapidly growing level. Programs are popping up all over to accommodate the increasing number of interested players, with some larger schools even having multiple club level teams. As the number of programs has grown, so has the awareness among players. ACHA hockey has become a great option for college players to continue playing competitively even if they aren’t quite up to the level of NCAA varsity hockey.

    I called up Greg Carr, current coach of the Boston University ACHA Club hockey team – who I happened to have played for when I was a BU student – to get us a coach’s perspective. Since I was his favorite player ever – he didn’t expressly say that, but I read between the lines – he was glad to help out.

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  • Interview with Mike Payne: CHL Journeyman & Enforcer

    There's no better person to tell this story than journeyman Mike "House of" Payne. A kid who grew to love the game of hockey so much, he knew he wanted to play everyday of the week--as a kid, throughout high school and college, and long after, Mike was willing to do whatever it took to get there. A full-time, blue collar worker who pulled long days and exhausting overtime shifts while playing nights and weekends, Mike's determination and love for the game exemplifies the true hockey player to the bone. Read More

  • Interview With Coach Chic: Level 5 Coach Dennis Chighisola

    I first met Dennis Chighisola (Coach Chic) several years ago thanks to social media hockey circles. After a few conversations, it quickly became apparent that Coach Chic was the real deal. His intelligence of the game, passion for teaching, and enthusiasm in helping youth hockey players hone their skills is well documented in his numerous blog posts and instructional videos and columns. Read More

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