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  • Hockey Checklist: Affordable Ways to Get Back Into the Game

    I took a three-year hockey hiatus before recently joining a men's league and, like you, was in need of buying some new gear. The task of finding new equipment was somewhat daunting. I had some of the basics like skates, helmet and stick, but needed to fill in the rest. There are plenty of different options out there to choose from, but saving money and getting the best bang for your buck is what I was looking for.

    Although once a B-level player, the many years away from the rink had me almost back to basics. I am now a C level player, but initially started back in a C/D level -- so coming to that reality was first and foremost. Second was to get the necessities, get signed up for a league, and get back on the ice asap.

    From speaking to many upper-echelon players, I think the A/B player is all about gloves, sticks and skates. The style, the look, the improved technology and overall performance. Players in those upper-levels can really feel the updates in those pieces of equipment and really distinguish the subtle difference -- and ultimately improve his/her game.

    While fun to shop for the top-of-the-line pieces of hockey gear and trying to emulate your favorite NHL player, the C/D player won't necessarily need these expensive items just yet. Sure the newest technologies may help some, but overall, spending the money elsewhere in more a more frugal fashion is what we're after. Here's a few tips that I did on two occasions: once about four years ago, and the other just a few months ago. These tips helped save me hundreds.


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  • The Equipment Office: SUNY Plattsburgh’s Alex Montalbano

    What’s your background as a player and equipment manager? What made you decide to be an equipment manager?

    My background as a player is 16 years of youth hockey, mostly house league, but still 16 good years of playing hockey. I also coached for 3 years at the end of my playing career, so it was definitely nice to give back a little bit to the kids. As for my background as an equipment manager, working at Plattsburgh State is my first EQ job, but it’s definitely proven to be a great opportunity. Read More

  • The Equipment Office: Univ. of Maine Hockey’s Kevin Ritz

    What’s your background as a player and equipment manager? What made you decide to be a equipment manager?

    My background actually starts as a fan. I have never played the game in any organized form and can hardly skate myself, but I have always been a fan of the game. I grew up going to the Albany River Rats games as a kid and when I was looking at where to go to school I knew I wanted to go somewhere with a D1 hockey program so that on weekends I would have some entertainment. I ended up coming to Maine as an undergrad for a few reasons but the atmosphere at the Alfond and the allure of the team helped push me to Orono. Read More

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