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  • CCM Ribcor Reckoner Hockey Stick Preview

    CCM hockey sticks have gone through a serious revamping over the past couple of catalog years, and they are hitting full-steam with the brand new CCM Ribcor Reckoner hockey stick. The Reckoner will be the next volume in the Ribcor saga, and it’s not just your traditional upgrades that are coming from CCM. Every year we hear from manufacturers, “this stick is lighter and more durable than ever before!”, so we are used to that rhetoric. When a stick comes out with a different look and design, that’s when heads start popping up. We have a little preview of what CCM pros like John Tavares, Matt Duchene, and David Perron will be using to beat the NHL’s best goalies this year.

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  • This Old Hockey Bag: Perfecta Holders

    For this week's installment of "This Old Hockey Bag", I want to look back at one of the most under-rated skate holders to ever hit the game of hockey.

    It was 1979, and Wayne Gretzky just finished his rookie year in Edmonton. For the past two seasons, Gretzky had worn Daoust 301 hockey skates with a standard ICM holder and steel. But during the 1979-80 season Daoust had upgraded their holders to a new SLM Perfecta holder: a solid plastic mold, that weighed less than its ICM predecessor.

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  • This Old Hockey Bag: Louisville TPS "Rubber" Hockey Stick

    This week's "This Old Hockey Bag" is a real icon. The Louisville TPS "Rubber Kevlar" stick and shaft were unreal. Sure many companies had a form of grip or tack to their sticks but no one but Louisville used actual rubber.

    Normally when you think of rubber, you think squeezable ducks, or rubber bands. Both are super elastic and movable. Well Louisville took this idea to a whole new level. The TPS stick wrapped 360 degrees in rubber. TPS then infused Kevlar into the rubber to add stiffness. Carbonized textured rubber was the official terms used. It did have some amazing grip and at the time, it was released it was a must have for many players. It felt different than any other grip on the market and that was awesome. Iconic actually.
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  • Twitter Chat Transcript: John Tavares

    On Monday, August 17th, New York Islanders forward, CCM Hockey athlete and perennial All-Star John Tavares took over the Pure Hockey Twitter feed and spent 30 minutes interacting with fans and answering questions. Here's the transcript:
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