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  • Bauer Re-Akt and IMS 9.0 Hockey Helmets

    In this time when concussions, and head protection are such hot button topics not only in hockey but all sports, Bauer is pushing the envelope technologically with their new helmet models. Read More

  • Bauer Re-Akt Hockey Helmet Review

    Having worn a Bauer 4500 for the better part of the past decade, I recently got to try out a few high end helmets that I likely would not have tried otherwise. I've had the opportunity to test out a couple top-of-the-line bike helmet style- foam helmets, the EPP foam Easton E700 and the slightly different Vertex Foam of the Bauer Re-Akt helmets. Read More

  • Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet Review

    Last week the kind folks at Cascade sent me the spec sheet and some photos of the brand new Cascade "M11 Pro" hockey helmet, which is due out this spring and will be the successor to the M11. Read More

  • Easton E700 Hockey Helmet Review

    While working here at the Pure Hockey office, I’ve had a unique chance to try out some equipment I might not have necessarily tried out or bought otherwise. The latest example was that I got home with an early Christmas gift back in December - a chance to test out the new E700 hockey helmet from Easton Hockey. Read More

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