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CCM Midnight U+Crazy Light Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick Zoom

CCM Midnight U+Crazy Light Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick



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Pure Hockey Says: Hands down, the CCM Crazy Light is one of the lightest sticks on the market. This lightweight twig allows for a quicker swing speed and a quicker shot. It also has two carbon bridges running the length of the blade to form a sweet spot fit for a king, making your shot easier to find. And do not worry- its blade and shaft are reinforced with carbon fiber so all of these mouth watering features can be put in place without sacrificing durability or performance. This stick doesn’t leave anything out on the ice.. except maybe a few hats.
AERIAL GRADE CARBON:Still the lightest stick in its category, the new U+CL allows for quicker reaction speed, a faster swing speed and ultimately, a faster shot. Increased swing speed ENHANCED SWEET SPOT:Two vertical and parallel carbon bridges run the length of the blade, enhancing the sweet spot from the heel all the way to the toe for the most forgiving blade in hockey. Dual bridge OPTIMIZED DURABILITY :Newly engineered blade with carbon reinforced shaft provide more durability without sacrificing any performance. New high impact blade Weight:425 grams - It’s crazy light! Shaft:Aerial grade carbon for an ultra lightweight stick Blade:Dual Bridge technology provides an oversized “Sweet Spot” for a more accurate shot every time Construction:True Spear technology for optimal energy transfer Geometry:“c” contoured for improved control

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