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CCM RBZ Superfast Senior Grip Composite Stick (2014)



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Regular Price: $305.99
Clearance Price: $169.00

The CCM RBZ Superfast stick is the 3rd generation of the CCM RBZ line. It has grown from the roots of the original RBZ and has seen some serious technology upgrades. The Speed Channel blade from the RBZ has been since updated to the Freak Channels for the RBZ Stage 2, and now has evolved into the Speed Pocket blade for the Superfast. By eliminating channels in the middle of the blade and creating more of a single pocket, CCM has increased the C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) by 50% from last years Stage 2! This means that the reaction off the blade is 50% quicker with each shot! CCM has also stuck to their custom flex profile which enables players of any stance or hand position to be able to load up the stick and deliver a heavy shot no matter where your bottom hand is positioned. All of this combined with the great balance and low swing weight means that you are gonna to really lay into the puck everytime you shoot. Goalies beware...

- Speed Pocket Construction
- Very low swing weight
- Custom kick point
- Premier carbon composite
- "T" geometry
- Clear finish coating

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