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Easton Synergy EQ20 Junior Elbow Pads (11) Zoom

Easton Synergy EQ20 Junior Elbow Pads (11)


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Pure Hockey Says: The Easton EQ20 elbow pad is a mid-level elbow pad which will give you plenty of adequate protection. If you`re a player skating every day, however, you`ll probably want to look up the ladder a few steps. The EQ20`s offer a soft U-shaped internal elbow donut, which will prevent slippage during movement and you also get molded plastic inserts, which wrap your forearm and bicep nicely. The 2 Flex point design will give you added comfort and mobility. If you`re a casual player (once a week or less), look no further.

* Soft U-shaped internal elbow donut prevents slippage during movement * Molded plastic inserts wrap forearm and bicep
Easton EQ20 Elbow pads by Sean from Lexington, MA ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Well I have these in Sr size and they are pretty good for the price. The fit on them is nice and the strapping is very secure and so far I haven't had these pads slip during play at all. The forearm section of this pad has a good solid piece of plastic that covers the lower half of your arm fairly well for added protection. The Upper portion is very nicely made and has great flexibility and does not restrict your movement. Overall I give it a 3 because I know there are better products out there but for the money you spend it's nice.