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Hockey pants have arguably the biggest decision to be made as far as protective equipment goes. There are two pretty drastically different styles, pants and girdles. The choice between the two styles is completely personal preference. Pants are the more traditional style, with a bigger, more voluminous fit while girdles fit tighter to the body.

Most aspects of fitting both style are the same. You want to be sure that belt is sitting up on your waist, above your hips. This will ensure that you have optimal movement and that your kidneys and lower ribs will be properly protected.

If possible, you’ll want to try on your potential new pants with your shoulder pads and shin pads on. This will give you the most accurate feeling of how they will fit in a game. As with anything else, you want to be sure the pants do not interfere with your shoulder pads, but also that you do not have any protection gaps. You want to test the movement of the pants, take some strides, squat, jump, dance, whatever you need to do to be sure you have the freedom of movement you’ll need on the ice.

Deciding the proper length is the first place where there is a real difference between a pant and girdle. With a pant, when you stand upright the bottom of the pant should fall somewhere about a third to hallway down the knee cap of your shin guard. This slight overlap will ensure that you are fully covered when in stride. When your leg is bent, the pant is going to cover down to the top of your shin pad, keeping you protected.

With a girdle on the other hand, there is less movement in stride, since it is tighter to the leg. There isn’t enough room to overlap with the shin guard. For these reasons, the girdle will need to be fit slightly shorter. Without that extra play to fall over the shin guard, it becomes more important to be sure that the two pieces of gear are not interfering or displacing one another.


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