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    Having the comfort of a new pair of gloves can make all the difference in a hockey player’s game—and Pure Hockey is the No. 1 online retail hockey store for ice hockey gloves and gear. There’s nothing cooler looking than skating around in a new set of hockey gloves. Find the style, your team and school colors, and the size that fits you in our huge inventory of gloves, all while getting the lowest prices online, guaranteed. A new pair of lightweight gloves will improve the feel of the puck on your stick, and the durability to give you the best hand protection for flying hockey pucks and opponents’ slashes. With a new pair of custom gloves from Pure Hockey, you’ll keep your fingers, wrists and hands safe from on-ice action, while looking like the Pros. Types of hockey gloves:
    1. Traditional/4-Roll
    • Bigger, wider fit gloves
    • Generally the most protective option
    • Mobility comes from the amount of space and the ability to move and and wrist within the glove
    • Speaking relatively – More mobility in wrist, less mobility/control in fingers
    2. Taper Fit
    • Features the best mobility characteristics of anatomical and traditional styles
    • Tight fitting & Mobile in hand and fingers provides great stick control
    • Wider with more open space in cuff area allows for maximum wrist mobility
    • Better range of motion in wrist with more mobile design in fingers
    3. Anatomical Fit Tighter fit through the glove
    • Great mobility and control in the fingers
    • More form fit
    • Designed to mimic the shape of the hand and wrist
    • Slightly less mobility or range of motion in the wrist/cuff area.
    If you still need more help in finding the right style and size of glove, be sure to check out our Hockey Glove Buying Guidance.

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