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    In recent years it has become increasingly evident how devastating head injuries in hockey or any sport can be. Most players and parents are more aware than ever of the dangers of concussions. As with most things, the more expensive the product the more features it carries. Some top-end hockey helmet features help with fit – the biggest influence in safety. The hockey helmets tend to have more or improved adjustability, creating a better fit. Other features may be improved materials like higher grade EPP foam. Other high-end models of hockey helmets are designed to handle a greater variety of impacts and to better to manage impact energy from those hits. The biggest influence on the safety of a hockey helmet is the FIT. A top-end helmet that doesn’t fit will be ineffective in protecting a player. Proper fit combined with adequate protection for a player’s competition level both contribute to a safe helmet. The most expensive, high-tech hockey helmet is not protective for the customer if it doesn’t fit right. At the same time, helmets should not be viewed by the customer as an area to save a few bucks by picking the cheapest model. Pure Hockey has the largest selection of ice hockey helmets online at the lowest prices on sale guaranteed. If you need additional help finding the right hockey helmet for you, be sure to check out our Hockey Helmet Fitting Guide.