We have a pretty easy way for you to win some great Sex Wax for your stick. Every week we will randomly pick one of our new followers on Instagram and simply give the winner some Sex Wax. It really doesn't get any easier than that, does it? Just follow us @PureHockeyDotCom on Instagram and you are entered. Every week. Free wax. Not bad, ay?


Want a bonus? How about, any week that we gain more than 200 new followers, we will give a random follower a $50 gift card!! So tell all your friends to follow us and you could end up with $50!!


Basic rules & regulations: we will not award free wax to the same winner multiple times. We're not dumb, you know! Each week starts on Saturday and ends on Friday. Winners will be picked and announced every Monday. Pure Hockey reserves the right to stop or change the contest at any time! 

So come hang with us on Instagram now!