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  • Pure Hockey is an exclusive provider of some of the best Pro Stock hockey sticks online today. View our huge inventory, stocked with sticks that were engineered and designed specifically for the NHL player. These Pro Stock sticks are made by hockey's industry brand leaders such as Bauer, Easton, Warrior and more. Each Pro Stock hockey stick is custom designed and built for the professional NHL player, so the weight of the composite sticks may vary from player to player. You can now look and shop for your favorite player's hockey stick and see what type of blade he's playing with. Choose the right curve for your game by selecting a player's own unique specification and pattern. Each pro also has his own stick flex preferences for optimum torque, accuracy and velocity on his shots. Whether you're the sniper in your men's league who picks corners and goes top shelf, or a heavy blue-liner taking one-timers from the point, Pure Hockey has the best Pro Stock hockey sticks in stock for sale for you.

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