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Reebok 14K Pump Senior Hockey Skate Zoom

Reebok 14K Pump Senior Hockey Skate



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Pure Hockey Says: The Reebok 14K Pump skates are great because they offer a pro inspired comfort and performance design. Reebok`s signature pump provides for a customized feel and peronalized comfort. The 14K offers MAX ARMOUR V which is reinforced with plastic inserts to create the ultimate level of protection while maintaining a lightweight structure. The vented fiberglass outsole provides great structural support to allow for maximum energy transfer as well as great airflow to keep your feet cooler during play.

Combining heat molding with The Reebok Pump provides a pro level personalized fit that will not deteriorate through use.

Max Armour V Quarter with EPP core provides a custom fit, protection, and structural stiffness while remaining extremely light.

Dual Zone microfiber liner with Duratex grip wicks moisture and holds your foot in place inside the skate.

A pro style felt tongue with foam insert provides protection while preventing lacebite.

Vented fiberglass outsole increases the skate strength to maximize energy transfer .

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Background: I had to buy a new pair of ice skates because during a Saturday morning pick-up session, I took a slapshot off the toe which destroyed the toe cap of my 10 year old skates. Other products looked at: Bauer Vapor Bauer Supreme ONE My level of play: I play in a couple adult leagues, two to three times a week. My Story: I walked into the PureHockey store expecting to walk out with a pair of Bauer Vapors or ONEs when the sales person explained to me that I should try the pair of Reebok 14k pumps. I had my hesitations given the fact that they were bags of air and if they were to pop, then there goes all the comfort of the skate. Since then however, I have had them out for about 10-15 sessions, and Ive taken shots off the boot and ankle and they have held up perfectly fine. They are extremely comfortable, even though I decided not to have them baked. The thing that really caught me offguard was how surprisingly light they were when I got out there.