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Rollerfly Inline Hockey Goalie Slide Plates Zoom

Rollerfly Inline Hockey Goalie Slide Plates


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Rollerfly has developed a set of Inline Slide Plates for roller hockey goalies to enhance their game. Specifically, these plates will allow inline goalies to perform the same lateral sliding techniques used by ice hockey goalies. Some Inline Goalie Pads already have features that let you slide outdoors, but you’re purchasing a brand new set of pads. With Rollerfly Slide Plates, you’re purchasing an add-on to go on whatever pads you currently use!

- Hard plastic panels to reduce friction when sliding
- Plastic ball bearings to enhance slides
- Three - 1" Nylon velcro straps to secure the knee plates
- One - 1.5" Nylon velcro strap to secure the calf plate
- Two knee plates
- Two calf plates
- Multiple slots to customize strapping for different pads
- Will fit almost any leg pad sizes 32"-38"
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Game Changers by Michael from Providence Village, TEXAS ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

These things are a game changer for certain. It has taken me a while to adjust to sliding playing inline hockey and early on I gave up some goals as I struggled to adjust the first few games but I would hate to have to play without them now. I make at least 3-5 saves per game that I might not normally make and I make another 3-5 saves look easy that used to be a real challenge due to lack of lateral movement. Great investment.