Sher Wood 5030 Senior Coffey Wood Hockey Stick (2011)



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Sher Wood 5030 Senior Coffey Wood Hockey Stick (2011)

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Sherwood Coffey wood stick

I play in a weekly mens league and there is plenty of stickwork I dont have a huge budget and when I need a new stick this one is perfect It is nice and light and sturdy The price fits my budget and I dont flip out when someone slashes it Thanks for carrying this stick
Review by stephen posted on 6/1/2015

The Best Stick

Indoor or outdoor this is the stick to have Most people I play with think because its a 25 stick thats it cant do its job In fact a beginner level player can do everything and more with this stick than a beginner level player with a top end stick costing 250 and have it last as long or longer This stick doesnt make a player better but it encourages learning It might be heavy but how much lighter do you need the stick to be to carry a 46oz puck If you dont have a shot with a 250 stick you probably cant do it with a 25 stick it just means you dont have a shot at all
Review by Takeshi posted on 6/1/2015

i got to test this stick

I am always searching for a good stick that I can use for practice outdoors on a concrete painted rink A friend of mine had this stick and let me borrow it It seems to hold up pretty well with my abusive slap shot I usually play with ABS blades but this blade is a twice as strong and had a good feel I also love that it is a Coffee blade I would definately buy it but I think the price should be a little lower IMO
Review by Brent Dolan posted on 6/1/2015

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