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Sherwood Nexon N8 Pink Junior Composite Hockey Stick (13)



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Regular Price: $75.99
Clearance Price: $30.00

This special Nexon 8 composite hockey stick from Sherwood the the Breast Cancer Awareness edition. Complete with limited time graphics including black and pink coloring and breast cancer ribbons. Order today to spread awareness for a good cause!

• One-piece spear shaft construction with enhanced low kickpoint made with carbon fibre.
• Effortless loading with active response for a lightning-quick wrister or deadly slap shot. Great pop, power and control.
Your game : You fire a lightning-quick shot in a split second and take pride in being the goalie`s worst nightmare.

• With the one-piece construction that eliminates the traditional double wall and a thin blade design, weight has been removed from the blade area.
• The stick will never feel bottom-heavy with a higher balance point for eased-up stick handling.
Your game : You can now shift your opponent more easily with quicker and fancier moves and take more shots from the slot.

• Multiple layers of carbon fibre strategically placed from top to bottom.
• Direct response with better energy return and pop with end-to-end stability for great shot accuracy and power.
Your game : You will be the sniper on your team with a devastating and accurate shot. You will be identified as THE player to watch across all teams in the league.

• Refined radius and concavity of the sidewalls with optimized overall geometry of the shaft for a consistent flex profile.
• Perfect hand fitting for unbelievable control of the stick with a consistent performance over time.
Your game : You can spend more time on the ice perfecting your moves because your wrists and forearms are subject to less intense puck handling which minimizes the fatigue you experience with other sticks.

• The shaft runs through the heel of the stick for a constant contact with the ice and the puck.
• The player gets a tangible feeling of the puck for a pure body extension and increased control.
Your game : Your coach will not tell you to keep your head up ever again because you don`t have to look at the puck anymore, you just feel it! You can keep your head up, anticipate what`s coming and make the big play.

• Light high-density foam core blade reinforced with premium high modulus 12K carbon weave.
• Dampens high frequency shocks for more comfort and greater feel with superior stiffness for better shot accuracy.
Your game : You smoothly receive all passes directed at you and won`t be slowed down on pass reception ever again. You create less turnovers and more scoring chances for your team.

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