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Sherwood Rekker EK3 Senior Composite Stick (2014)


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Regular Price: $70.99
On sale now for: $59.99

The Sherwood Rekker EK3 is a *PURE HOCKEY EXCLUSIVE* item that can only be found at Pure Hockey! It is an entry level stick in regards to Sherwood's new Rekker line, and is ideal for beginners, recreational play, or anyone who needs a sturdy stick to rely on. The EK5 features Sherwood's Pure Sense Technology, meaning that the shaft runs straight down into the blade of the stick. This is meant to give you advanced puck feel. The Rekker line of sticks showcase Sherwood's "Sniper" Flex Profile, which features a low kick point that is ideal for snipers who love getting off quick shots!

- Sherwood's Pure Sense Technology™
- Strong carbon and fiberglass material blend
- Sher-wood's "Sniper" Flex Profile (Low Kickpoint)
- 4" "Flex Free Zone" can be cut without changing the flex
- Rounded corners & straight sidewalls
- Clear, matte finish
- Vibration Reduction foam core
- Carbon and fiberglass reinforcment wrap
Best for Beginners, or a First Time Composite User by john from NYC, NY ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Im 50 yrs old and have always used a wooden Sherwood 5030 Coffey stick. I wanted to make the switch to composite and thought for $50 I didnt have a lot to lose buying the EK3. I was very happy with the purchase, but speaking to other guys Ive learned that the flex and snap of a good composite should last a long time. The EK3 seemed to have lost that snap after a dozen or so uses. But now wait- Im a pretty big guy at 200lbs and theres a lot of weight and force when I play so Im not surprised that a $50 stick would fatigue. When it was new it had a great snap and my snapshot had lots of speed. I dont regret buying the EK3 I certainly got my moneys worth out of it. If you are a more experienced player than invest in a higher end stick. For a player on the lighter side who doesnt want to invest $125+ on a stick or for a player that doesnt need to rely on a big slapshot than the EK3 is a good choice.