CCM Jetspeed 251 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Jetspeed 251 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

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Best skates for a price

Review by kgbeast posted on 6/28/2016
I have tried few different skates on in the price range. As usually, the choice was Bauer Supreme 140 or CCM JetSpeed 251. I chose 251 because of the tighter feet and very comfortable hill-lock. I also love the holders/blades and overall look of the skates. Once sharpened (standard 1/2" hollow), if find out that skates are pretty easy to skate in and they glide very well. I think that these SpeedBlade-PRO holders with stainless steel blades are very nicely configured with offsets and attack angle makes them a very nice choice to stop and accelerate. They also are not very conducive for ankles to roll inside which is nice for beginners. I am glad I picked this pair. One complaint I have is the tong. Tong is very soft and offers no protection from lace-bite. The JS251 boot is not designed to be heat molded, so it is a waste of time to bake those. CCM advises against that. If you are looking for bakable JetSpeeds, you need to look 280 or above. For under $100 however, the JS251 is probably the best choice today. First time hockey-skates buyers, be aware that the hockey skates in general do not offer much of the ankle support because the boot is on the shorter side. So if you are coming from figure skates area, it will be a bit of get used to in the ankle support area and it has very little to do with how high end you'd go with your skates purchase. You can definitely find a much more comfortable pair than JS251, but you will have to work on your ankles still.

Great price

Review by Di posted on 5/16/2016
Husband needed a pair of skates to skate with my son learning to play hockey. Great price and the customer service from Pure Hockey is always amazing. Free first skate sharpening in store too. Easy to return if fit is not right!

Great skate for the price

Review by Barry posted on 5/1/2016
I need a pair of hockey skates to join our adult learn to play hockey clinic so I can join my son at sticks and pucks. I didn't want to invest a lot of money and these skates were perfect. I knew my size, baked them when they arrived and after the second clinic they are feeling great.

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