CCM Pro NHL Team Sr. Hockey Gloves

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great gloves at a great price

Review by johnm posted on 9/13/2016
These gloves are top notch. good protection, just the right amount of room around the wrist area for flexibility and the overall feel and fit is very good. the palm is very soft and didn't need to be broken in. I have tried many different brands and styles of gloves and these are the best so far. great gloves at a great price.

Overall great gloves

Review by Vince posted on 9/11/2016
I recently bought these gloves and I really enjoy playing in them. Great feel and fit. Really like the nhl Palm. Gives great control over the stick. Also offers great protection. Definitely would recommend if you're looking for a good glove.

Great gloves

Review by Mike s posted on 5/29/2016
I've worn several different gloves over my career. I primarily used Easton gloves, then switched to Bauer. I had a problem wearing through gloves, so I thought I'd give these a try after seeing them on sale at my local pure hockey store. Easily the best gloves I've ever worn. I went with the Boston black gloves. They were already broken in right off the rack. Very flexible without sacrificing protection. Being able to get a good feel for my stick in my hands is a big deal to me, and these gloves did not disappoint. Superior feel and durability compared to all other gloves I've ever used. Hopefully they continue to offer these gloves. If that's the case, they should sell plenty, and I'll definitely be buying more when these wear out.

Great gloves

Review by bostonbobby posted on 3/4/2016
great gloves, so glad PURE HOCKEY came out with these NHL custom gloves, great NHL palm, i purchased the BOSTON gloves, also love the ANAHEIM DUCKS. Better get yours soon, as these will fly off their shelves and stock.
These gloves are well built, durable by CCM,...great construction, NHL palm, great feel and control of your stick.

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