Reebok Ribcor 40K Sr. Hockey Stick

Reebok Ribcor 40K Sr. Hockey Stick

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Review by R posted on 4/11/2016
Very tough, light and responsive. Explosive shots and good luck feel. Well worth the money

Awesome stick!

Review by JBones posted on 3/24/2016
This stick is one of the best I've ever used! Great feel, performance and pop. I've never had a problem with the durability, although I see some have. At the current price, it's the best stick on the market and not much different than their updated Reckoner. If you haven't used it before it's worth a go. I've also found the CCM customer service to be very good. If you do have an issue within the warranty period they are quick to respond and very accommodating. They've even been understanding if you are just outside the warranty as well if you have a legit issue. This is my favorite stick and I'm sad to see this model discontinued.

My favorite stick!

Review by Jonesy posted on 3/22/2016
Of the many, many sticks I've used over my days on the ice, this is the best. I've been using the 40K model for 4 years now, dating back to when it was branded Reebok. The performance I get out of it is unreal. I used the RBZ prior to getting this stick and was surprised to find the feel, pop and ease of loading on wrist shots, even better than the RBZ. It has also lasted me a long time, which has caused me to purchase a few. We all know that composite sticks don't last as long as we'd like, especially for the price, however, anytime that I've had a stick snap within the warranty period CCM is quick to replace the stick if it was broken due to typical use. They've even replaced a stick for me outside of the warranty period, which is another reason why I use many CCM products. Great stick and CCM stands behind their products. This makes it a no brainer for me.

Worth it!

Review by Jack posted on 3/7/2016
I have found this stick to be very durable (I got the 85 flex and i'm about 170 lbs) and it kicks super hard. I've had the old Ribcor and loved it, didn't think it could get any better but this stick blew me away, and for $150 this is an unbelievable deal. Crosby curve is accurate and just right, highly recommend this stick.

Broke after 2 games

Review by Dan posted on 2/22/2016
Loved this stick but broke after 2 games. Since I only play once a week and took one week off I missed my warranty. Stick Broke on a snap shot. That should not happen.

Very Fragile

Review by George posted on 6/1/2015
I bought the reebok ribcor and in about two weeks the toe of the blade broke so I mailed it back and got a replacement which was the 40k ccm ribcor and within about three weeks this stick snapped in half No warranties on replacements means I am out of luck Great stick while it wasnt broken though

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