How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Taping the blade of your hockey stick

Kyle of Pure Hockey goes through the steps of taping your hockey stick and shows a couple of different way of taping the stick blade. 

In the first video, Kyle from  Pure Hockey shows you a couple of different ways to tape the blade of your ice hockey stick. This is going to help control the puck while stick handling and shooting, as well as protecting the stick blade from ice, water and wear from pucks. In the second video Kyle shows you how to take a knob on the butt end of your hockey stick. He uses clear tape as a final tip and trick to protect the palm of your hockey gloves, but this is an optional step. 



Taping the knob/butt-end of your hockey stick

In Part II, Kyle shows you how to tape the butt-end or handle of your hockey stick -- once again showing a couple of different options.