Off-Ice Training Videos

Kyle Stevenson, Pure Hockey Marketing

We popped into the gym at Xcelerated performance and chatted with owner/head trainer Pat Gigante to get some tips on how to better train in the off-season and get yourself ready for next year...

In the first video, Pat walks us through the a couple of easy, helpful wrist and forearm excerises to help improve your shot. For the first, all you'll need is a stick, a resistance band and something solid on the other end. The second is the basic, classic writst roll exercise that going to help strengthen your forearms and improve your shot.

Pat talks about how being sure to use proper form and keep consistant hip height when training is important to increasing the power in your stride.

Pat discusses how vitally important stretching is before and after workouts and games. He also shows some great stretchs to use that are especially helpful for hockey players.

Pat walks us through a great groin stretch and discusses how to plan wisely when training for the season. He talks about the importance of recovery in training to allow your body the time it needs to maximize productivity in the gym as well as on the ice.