Grit Tower SE 36` Sr. Hockey Bag

Grit Tower SE 36` Sr. Hockey Bag

Sku: HTSE-036 - 36IN
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Sturdy and vents well

Review by Dolores posted on 7/5/2016
The Grit Tower SE 36` Sr. Hockey Bag is a well vented bag for all your hockey gear. It has a separate compartment for every single thing that you need to put into your bag which is great so you can see at a glance. This is very convenient when you're rushing from ring to ring on a travel team. You can see you have everything you need. But for me it does quite hold everything I need I am a larger person and Cary a lot of extra gear because I'm on a travel team and you need to have backup. When I receive the package it was bashed in pretty good and I didn't realize it till I was away on a road trip that one of the wheels were wobbly and I had to get it fixed I would suggest that they packaged the bottom of the wheels better so this doesn't happen in the future. Overall this is a great bag.

Sturdy but not quite what I expected

Review by Dolores posted on 7/5/2016
The Grit Tower SE 36` Sr. Hockey Bag seems to be sturdy but should have more space and airflow. I am on a travel hockey team and need to take my bag with me to many different states through buses and cars and dragging it through parking lots so I need to have it to be really sturdy and I need it to be able to hold extra gear. When I received my package the box was bashed in pretty badly and the wheel was a little bit wobbly on the bottom which I didn't recognize at first until I was actually on a road trip. When I got to my destination I had to get the wheel repaired. I think the package should be more secure especially around the wheels because they are very fragile. I purchase the bag mainly because it can air out and it has a separate compartment for everything which is very good. When I open up my bag I can take a glance and see that I have everything that I need. Everything has its own little compartment inside the bag. That I really like also I can air it out without taking everything out of the bag all the time so it's convenient when I'm on road trips and in hotel rooms that might be a little bit small. I can just open it up and air it the holes give you nice air flow to air out the bag without unpacking. So overall I'm pretty happy with this bag.

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