Hockey tape is something you really can't do without. You definitely need it for your hockey stick. From the knob of the stick down to the blade, each skater has their own personal preference on how to tape their stick. Some tape the entire blade while others tape just the curve where they mainly handle the puck. Goalies tend to have a much bigger know while skaters may prefer a smaller knob and possibly a candycane strip up the entire stick shaft. Hockey tape is also needed to get a certain pads, like shin guards, feeling just the way you need it. Others use it for their fingers or wrists. It's the all-purpose tool and essential for your gear. Find a huge variety of hockey tape from all major brands like Mylec, Renfrew and many others. Need help taping your stick blade and butt-end? Check out our Hockey Guide for How To Tape a Hockey Stick in our Equipment Guidance. 

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