Hockey skate laces are really like batteries. You should always have extra sets. Too many times in the locker room you witness the poor soul whose laces are near the end and the laces snap when tightening their skate. If you have no backup, you have a major problem on your hands. So stock up some extra laces, Pure Hockey offers them in all sizes for all ages of player and carries both waxed and non-waxed. Note: laces are measured in inches and sometimes it can be confusing about what length to get. Use the table below as guidance:

Youth Skate Size 6-7: 63 inches
Youth Skate Size 7-11: 72 inches
Youth Size 12 through Junior Size 1.5: 84 inches
Junior Skate Size 2-5: 96 inches
Senior Skate Size 6-9: 105 inches
Senior Skate Size 10-13: 120 inches
Senior Skate Size 14-15: 132 inches

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