Pure Hockey is famous for its incredible selection of youth hockey gloves and carries an enormous variety of colors, brands and features, including many exclusive lines from brands like Bauer, Easton and CCM that are not available in any other retail store. When selecting hockey gloves for kids, you will find that the higher priced junior gloves will generally have more durable palms to reduce wear-and-tear and have the best general protection all around the hand and wrist. You will get great protection at any price point, however. Make sure you find the right glove that fits snug, comfortable, and an overall good feel when holding a hockey stick.When buying hockey gloves for kids, the natural reaction is to buy gloves that are a little too big to allow room for growth. But in fact, this can hinder a youth's performance. Typical youth sized hockey gloves will run 8", 9" and 10". For more information, check out the Pure Hockey Glove Guide to learn more about fitting and what features to look for in a hockey glove.

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