Senior elbow pads are often an afterthought on the list of hockey equipment you need to buy, but just imagine playing without them! Your elbows withstand a lot of contact during the course of a hockey game, so don't let an old elbow pad cause you an injury that you could have easily avoided. Pure Hockey carries senior elbow pads from all the leading brands, like Bauer, CCM, Easton, Reebok, Sher-Wood and Warrior. Senior elbow pads have gotten slightly longer in length over the years and for good reason. The added protection you are now getting in your elbow pads has not been compromised at all in the comfort department. A good pair of senior elbow pads will fit snug and feel like an extension of your arm. Also, be careful to understand sizing, you do not want to expose forearms or triceps to the many sticks and pucks flying around and you definitely don't want too large a pad, otherwise it'll be moving around - a recipe for disaster. Our guide to fitting elbow pads will help you make all of those decisions.

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