Senior hockey pants are incredibly important for so many reasons. Your core (hips, thighs, lower spine) means everything to your game, especially at the senior level and it's also the area of your body that comes into contact with just about everything in the game, including the very hard boards, not to mention other players trying to hit you. As with other hockey equipment categories, all pants will provide you with sufficient protection. As you go up the line you simply gain protective and feature enhancements. Look for features like adjustable belts for the waist, thigh zippers and enhanced padding in the kidneys and lower spine. Ventilation is another feature that gets enhanced as you go up the price ladder. Get more fitting and sizing guidance with our Guide to Sizing Hockey Pants. Pure Hockey carries a huge amount of senior hockey pants from all the major brands like Bauer, CCM, Easton and many others, all at guaranteed lowest prices.

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