Inline hockey players are very passionate about their inline skates. The boots of an inline hockey skate are very similar to that of ice hockey skates. The largest difference is in the holder, which is a metal chassis and of course instead of blades, you're rolling with rubber wheels. Some players say that inline boots are a little more flexible and less stiff, but it takes someone very particular about their gear to really notice. Most players won't detect any difference in boot from ice to roller. Much like ice hockey skates, if you're playing a lot of roller hockey (several times a week), than invest in the higher priced inline skate, which will be more durable, light and have extra stiffness. The wheels and bearings on an inline skate also get lighter as you move up the quality and price list. Pure Hockey has a large variety of inline hockey skates to choose from. Shop leading inline brands such as CCM, Bauer, Alkali, Tour and more. Purchase with confidence with Pure Hockey's Low Price Guarantee.

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