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Captodor Hand Purifying Hydro-Gel - 3oz

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Captodor Hand Purifying Hydro-Gel - 3oz

CAPTODOR® Hand purifying hydro-gel is your solution to remove odors left on the hands by sport gloves (hockey, soccer, baseball, football, golf). Its convenient size means that you can easily carry the bottle with you in yours sports bag, backpack or lunch bag for use anytime.

Its fresh scent fragrance is much appreciated and acts immediately.

This gel is meant to be used after each workout to keep your hands smelling clean and pleasant. We are all familiar with the smell our gloves can leave behind, and no-one want to bring that smell with them everywhere they go. This purifying hydro-gel kills bacteria that cause foul odors. The gel is quick and easy to use. Just take it out of your bag and squeeze the desired amount into your palm. Rub it in until dry. There is no water necessary. This will not dry out your hands and does dry quickly once applied. Don’t worry amount any type of residue, as this gel dries fast and leaves no stickiness. The bottle is just the right size to bring with you in any bag you typically have for practice, games, or workouts. The gel is pH harmonized with skin’s pH so you won’t feel and irritation after using it. There are no parabens in this gel.

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