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Easton Stealth S15 Composite Blade - Junior

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Easton Stealth S15 Composite Blade - Junior

  • CNT strengthening increases durability at a molecular level
  • Focus Flex Hosel design creates optimal release point that mimics a one-piece stick
  • Ultra thin blade geometry for lightweight and balance
  • Composite construction
  • Fits Regular Hosel Shafts
  • 155 Grams

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Blade Pattern Lie Curve Face Toe
Sakic 5.5 Mid Open Round
Zetterberg (Forsberg) 5 Mid Heel Closed Round
Getzlaf (Lidstrom) 5.5 Heel Open Square
Drury 5.5 Heel Open Round
Iginla 5.5 Mid Closed Round
Heatley 5 Mid Closed Round
Gaborik 5.5 Mid Open Round
Sakic Jr 4.5 Mid Open Round
Iginla Jr 4.5 Mid Closed Round
Heatley Jr 4 Mid Closed Round
Iginla Yth 3 Mid Closed Round
Heatley Yth 3 Mid Closed Round