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Snipers Edge CCM Muscle Pack (Ball&Puck)

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Snipers Edge CCM Muscle Pack (Ball&Puck)

The Muscle Stickhandling Pack includes a Muscle Ball and a Muscle Puck.
Muscle Ball
  • The MuscleBall stickhandling aid helps players develop the hand and wrist strength needed to be a Sweet Hockey player!
  • The heavy weight of our MuscleBall is designed to force players to work on proper stickhandling patterns very slowly.  This allows the player to transition more easily to a real puck on the ice.
  • The MuscleBall stickhandling aid weighs 535 grams (18.85 oz) - almost 4 times more than a puck!
Muscle Puck
  • Movements are done at a slower speed reinforce technique allowing the player to develop stickhandling patterns.
  • Weight of 11.5 oz (0.72 lbs.) and 3.7" in diameter.

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