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TRUE XCore XC9 Hockey Shoulder Pads - Junior

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TRUE XCore XC9 Hockey Shoulder Pads - Junior

The all new TRUE XC9 shoulder pads offer high-end protective features and an innovative adjustability system, providing you with the comfort you want and the protection you need to perform your best on the ice. 

  • New adjustability system for a customized fit
  • PE/EVCA shoulder caps for top-end protection
  • EVA foam for great shock absorption in key areas
  • Moisture wicking liner for dry comfort

When purchasing new protective equipment, it is vital to find the gear that fits you best. With the right fit, high-end equipment, like TRUE’s new XC9 shoulder pads, will help keep you comfortable and protected every time you hit the ice for a game or practice. 

TRUE has designed their new XC9 shoulder pads for every player, with plenty of adjustability to make sure your pads fit correctly. This new system includes the ability to adjust the clavicle area, shoulder caps, torso, and bicep pads. With these features, finding the right fit goes beyond just general sizing, as you can adjust these shoulder pads almost everywhere based on protective needs and personal preference. This adjustability system allows you to enhance comfort while also making sure the protective features are situated in the right position. 

For the protective technologies, TRUE includes their PE/EVCA shoulder caps. This design offers a low-profile look and feel while also enhancing protection with high-quality foams. The XC9 pads also feature EVA foam, a trusted technology used in plenty of high-end protective gear, that is placed in key areas for great shock absorption and resistance against common hockey impacts like body checks and blocked shots. 

For the interior of the XC9 shoulder pads, a moisture wicking liner to keep the pads lightweight throughout play for added comfort. And after you’re done skating, this liner helps the pads dry out faster so they’re ready to go for your next on-ice session.

With a custom fit, great mobility and top-notch protection, TRUE’s new XC9 shoulder pads include all the features you need and prove to be a great value. 

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Removable Stomach Pad:YesDoes it have a removable stomach pad?
Sternum Plate:EVA FoamProtective material covering the sternum.
Spine Protection:EVA FoamProtective material covering the spine.
Biceps:EVA FoamType of design and/or protective padding of the bicep.
Shoulder Cap:PE/EVCAType of design and/or protective padding of the shoulder cap.
Liner:Moisture WickingMaterial that lines the interior of the product.
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.
Product Line:XCoreThe product line within the brand.