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Warrior Pro Hockey Gloves - Junior

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Warrior Pro Hockey Gloves - Junior

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2023 | 57894-21
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The Warrior Pro hockey glove is complete with upgrades, new technologies and an all new design that breathes new life into an already stellar product. This glove is preferred with Pros and is designed to be a hybrid between the Alpha and Covert, giving you the best of both worlds! Don’t miss out on these Pure Hockey exclusive gloves! 

  • Hybrid taper fit allowing the glove to contour to the natural shape of your hand.
  • Pro Cuff that optimizes wrist mobility without sacrificing protection.
  • A pro tested AX Suede palm that offers a great mix of feel and durability.
  • Wartech FNC liner for dry comfort
  • 3-piece index finger and the AxyFlex Thumb for a game ready feel.
  • Duo Lam with Space Shield Backhand for superior protection.

Every player wants a pair of gloves that will help to enhance their stickhandling, but the most important aspect of hockey gloves, especially in today’s high-speed game, is protection. Warrior is introducing a brand-new fit and feel for the Pro gloves in 2023. This hybrid fit will contour to the natural shape of your hand to help maximize mobility and improve protection.

One technology that will increase protection within this glove is the Duo-Lam with Space Shield. This technology features 2 layers of foam, combined with a molded "space shield" and plastic inserts in the backhand, cuff and fingers. This upgrade will keep your hands protected from the hardest impacts of the game. 

The Hybrid Taper fit of this glove allows the anatomical design to contour to the natural shape of your hand, maximizing mobility and improving protection, while the Pro cuff offers you and extended range of motion, helping to improve puck handling while also giving you some added wrist protection, especially from slashes. 

Any level of player can benefit from a highly protective and comfortable glove, but those players who are looking to be at the top of their game every time they step on the ice know the importance of feel. Warrior has placed an emphasis on this aspect of glove construction with a few key features including the Buttersoft technology. This innovation uses responsive mesh gussets, an AXI-Flex thumb and a 3-piece index finger to offer a noticeably snappy, game ready feel right off the shelf. This feature combined with the Pro tested AX Suede palm improves feel while also providing more durability.

Warrior also includes the Wartech FNC liner, which includes the Strike yellow liner powered by Polygiene to keep your gloves clean, dry and odor free. 

First and foremost, Pure Hockey wants to make sure you are wearing equipment that keeps you protected. For this to happen, all equipment, including gloves, must fit correctly. We also understand the importance of style and performance. The Pure Hockey exclusive Warrior Pro features many top technologies that will give you the comfort, feel and protection you're looking for. 

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Warrior Hockey Gloves Sizing Chart

Generic Hockey Glove Measurement Guide
Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the crease in your wrist. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey glove size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Size Age Height Hand Length
13" 13+ 5'5" - 5'9" 6.5" - 7.5"
14" 14+ 5'7" - 5'11" 7" - 8"
15" 15+ 5'9" - 6'1" 7.5" - 8.5"
Size Age Height Hand Length
10" 8 - 10 4'2" - 4'8" 5" - 6"
11" 10 - 11 4'7" - 4'11" 5.5" - 6.5"
12" 11-13 4'10" - 5'5" 6" - 7"
Size Age Height Hand Length
8" 3-5 3'0" - 3'6" 4" - 5"
9" 5-7 3'5" - 3'11" 4.5" - 5.5"