Sherwood Rekker EK3 Sr. Hockey Stick

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Sherwood Rekker EK3 Sr. Hockey Stick

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its good for ball hockey

Review by Ball hockey bonehead posted on 5/20/2016
its an okay stick its not like the more high end sticks ive played with but i only bought for ball hockey so not much stress will come from shooting.

pros: cheap and good for ball hockey
fairly lightweight
seems to have easy compliance with wrist movements

Cons: feels a little cheap
doesnt flex much
dont like the rough blade surface

overall i can live with the cons of the stick for what ive paid for it and i'd take a sherwood stick any time

Best for Beginners or a First Time Composite User

Review by john posted on 6/1/2015
Im 50 yrs old and have always used a wooden Sherwood 5030 Coffey stick I wanted to make the switch to composite and thought for 50 I didnt have a lot to lose buying the EK3 I was very happy with the purchase but speaking to other guys Ive learned that the flex and snap of a good composite should last a long time The EK3 seemed to have lost that snap after a dozen or so uses But now wait Im a pretty big guy at 200lbs and theres a lot of weight and force when I play so Im not surprised that a 50 stick would fatigue When it was new it had a great snap and my snapshot had lots of speed I dont regret buying the EK3 I certainly got my moneys worth out of it If you are a more experienced player than invest in a higher end stick For a player on the lighter side who doesnt want to invest 125 on a stick or for a player that doesnt need to rely on a big slapshot than the EK3 is a good choice

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