Sniper's Edge Pass Master

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Sniper's Edge Pass Master

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Great concept, awesome design, high quality... get better at passing, catching, and one-timers.

Review by kevglynn posted on 1/2/2017
I'm really surprised no one has reviewed this thing yet. It is awesome. After 8 days, my 4 year old has become a GREAT passer AND catcher from this thing. It's basically the equivalent of a one of those "return nets" or "pitch back nets" people use for baseball and lacrosse. It just sends the puck right back to you.

He and my 6 year old both have really learned how to control the puck and keep it low when passing. With no verbal instruction (none!), they are learning a lot of high level passing concepts completely organically, and it is translating to their on-ice capabilities, too!!!

My 16 year old is loving it, too. It is a great way for him to just zone out and keep working the puck, working his one-timer, working on sauce, etc.

Ideally, grab some large fake ice sheets and/or green biscuits to use with this, and have fun!

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