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General Questions

  1. Do you match prices if an item goes on sale after my purchase?

  2. Yes! If an item you purchase from Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Lacrosse, Total Goalie or Red Tag goes on sale within 15 days of your original purchase, just contact us anytime during that 15 day time frame and we’ll be happy to refund the difference to your original method of payment.

  3. Do you have Live Chat?

  4. Yes we do! To reach one of our chat specialists, look for the Chat Online button located in the bottom scrl bar to the left of our phone number. Once you enter your name we will connect you with a chat specialist who can answer any of your questions.

  5. How can I write a review of a product?

  6. We want your feedback and value your opinions so we make it simple. In any product page, directly under the name of the product, you can click Write a Review and it will take you to a page where you can rate what you thought about the item.

  7. How do I unsubscribe from your mailing lists?

  8. We'd be sad to lose our main method of contacting you with awesome offers and promotions, but there are two ways you can get off our mailing list. You can go to My Account and click on Email Preferences and Notifications and remove yourself that way or you can call a customer service representative at 866.787.3462 and they can remove your email from our list.

  9. How do I use my Gift Card / Breakaway Reward / Promo Code online?

  10. Once you have put all the items you want to purchase in your shopping bag and are ready to checkout, there is a space below your credit card information where you can enter your gift card, Breakaway Reward or promo code information.

  11. Is the item I want going to go on sale soon?

  12. Due to the large number of manufacturers that we work with, we can’t know ahead of time when certain items will go on sale. The best thing to do is stay updated through Pure Hockey / Total Hockey emails, Facebook, and Twitter. Also check out Red Tag where we have all of our sale and closeout items.

  13. My email address has changed. How do I update my account information?

  14. You are welcome to update your e-mail address by logging in to your account online. The best way to do so is to take the flowing steps:

  15. Visit the website and click on "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  16.  Log in to your account by typing your current e-mail address and password.

  17. Once logged in, click on "Change Account Information" under “Settings”.

  18. Type your new e-mail address in the email field.

  19. Verify your "Current password" at the bottom.

  20. Click "Save."

  21.  Your e-mail will be updated.

  22. Also, we would be happy to update your e-mail address for you over the phone. For security purposes, we ask that you call our Customer Service Team at 866.787.3462 to confirm your account information. Upon verification, we will be glad to take care of your request immediately.

Pure Hockey / Total Hockey Stores

  1. Where are Pure Hockey / Total Hockey's stores located?

  2. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey has retail stores in St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapis-St. Paul and Pittsburgh. To find specific locations, amenities and directions click Pure Hockey / Total Hockey Stores Directory. You can also shop online from anywhere in the world.

  3. Each store page has icons for amenities at your stores. What are they?
  4. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey believes in making your time in our store an experience. Every store offers the chance to purchase a Breakaway Rewards membership, free WiFi, and a service center for getting your skates sharpened or fixed. We also have SMS notifications so if you need to take a call or grab some food we can text you when your skates are sharpened and you don't have to stand around waiting. Many of our stores also have lounges for watching hockey and relaxing.

  5. When are you going to put a Pure Hockey / Total Hockey in my city?
  6. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is constantly expanding and looking for new cities for our stores. Continue checking out our site and emails to get updates on new locations.

Ordering Online

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

  2. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey and its affiliated brands accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

  3. Is it safe to use my debit card/credit card on purehockey.com and its affiliated brands?

  4. Yes! We understand that the safety of your personal information is important to you. It’s important to us, too and we use a wide variety of electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access. If you're concerned about privacy and security please visit our Privacy & Security page or call us at 866.787.3462.

  5. Is there sales tax on items I order online?
  6. State law requires that we charge sales tax on orders from states where we have retail stores; Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

About Us

  1. Why hockey?

  2. We love hockey! It's that simple. We wanted a place where hockey players and fans could get only the best equipment with service from staff who focus exclusively on hockey. We believe that the best way for each customer to find what they want is to have employees who know everything there is to know about hockey instead of having a basic understanding of 10 different sports and no real knowledge of any one sport.

  3. Ok. Then why lacrosse?

  4. We love lacrosse, too! We purposely keep our Pure Hockey / Total Hockey and Total Lacrosse stores separate instead of combining them because we believe in providing quality service. We want lacrosse players to get the same focused attention and experience that our hockey customers get. Total Lacrosse employees know lacrosse and work to make sure that every lacrosse player is getting the exact experience they want.

  5. I keep hearing about Grow the Game and the Grow the Game Award? What is it?

  6. Grow the Game is the Pure Hockey / Total Hockey initiative designed to encourage hockey in the community through increasing invvement and enhancing interest in the game. The Grow the Game Award is an award co-sponsored by USA Hockey that is given to youth hockey associations for their efforts to encourage youth participation in hockey. The 1st place winner receives 30 Learn-to-Play sets of equipment to help further their endeavors.

  7. How can I sell my product through Pure Hockey / Total Hockey?

  8. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is always looking for new and interesting products to offer our customers. Check out our Dealer Information or call 866.787.3462.

Help With An Order

  1. How do I change or cancel my order?

  2. Until an order is marked 'Shipped', you can cancel the order by going to My Account and clicking 'Cancel Order'. If you'd like to change your order please call 866.787.3462. Trying to change your order online with the 'Edit Order' button will result in the order being cancelled. You would then need to reorder your items.

  3. What is the status of my order?

  4. To check on the status of an order log in to My Account and click on the order you want to check on. At the top of the order there will be a line providing the current status of your order.

  5. Can I see orders I made a long time ago?

  6. Of course! Pure Hockey / Total Hockey provides customers with access to every order they have placed with us so that they can always go back and get a reminder of what they've purchased. You can see all your d orders by logging in to My Account.

  7. I lost my receipt! What do I do?

  8. No problem. You can print a receipt from My Account any time. Once you've logged in and selected the order you want to print, just scrl to the bottom and select "Print Order". It's that easy!

  9. What is a "backordered" item?

  10. Backordered items are those that are temporarily out of stock. If you have other items in your order besides those on backorder we will ship the available items immediately and ship the backordered items at no extra cost when they become available. Items are usually on backorder because of the manufacturer.

  11. When will I receive my order?

  12. We make every effort to complete all orders within 24 hours of the time they were placed. Once an order has "Shipped" that means it has left our warehouse and the map below indicates the average time it takes from our warehouse for you to receive your order. We will send you a 'Shipped' email with your tracking number when UPS takes the packages.

  13. What about custom orders?
  14. If your order is for a custom item (Cascade helmets, skates, etc.) the order will be marked as shipped so we can charge for the item. We then order the custom item from the manufacturer. Once they inform us that they have shipped the item, we will send you the tracking number assigned to the order. The time it takes for the manufacturer to complete custom orders varies, and we will email you a more exact time frame once we have placed the order.

UPS Shipping Estimates Map

Shipping & Delivery

  1. How much does shipping cost?

  2. Orders over $75 ship for free to the contiguous 48 states! If your order is under $75 or you require faster delivery service, we will give you the exact shipping charges based on the method of delivery you select. We don't estimate. We don't average. We don't round up. Shipping rates for equipment are based on weight and size specific to your order. These charges reflect the cost to us of getting your equipment to you.

  3. Do you ship internationally?

  4. Unfortunately, we are strictly prohibited from shipping Warrior, Easton, Bauer/Mission, and Reebok/CCM products internationally due to their company prices. We would be happy to ship these items to a friend or relative in United States.

  5. Why did only half my order arrive?

  6. Ultimately, there are two reasons for that. One, if you ordered a lot of gear or items that don't easily fit in the same box, then your order might have shipped in separate boxes and the other box(es) haven't arrived. The other reason would be if an item from your order is on backorder. We try to ship you what we can as fast as we can so we will always ship the rest of your order immediately and send the backordered item when it arrives.

  7. When will my shipment arrive?

  8. Once your package leaves the warehouse, the delivery estimate is based on UPS Ground Shipping times. See below.

    UPS Shipping Estimates Map

Returns and Exchanges

  1. How do I return an item?

  2. We make it simple. If you aren't satisfied with an item, return it. Here are the steps:

    • Fill out the Return & Exchange Form (PDF) that came with your item completely.

    • Make sure the product is in its original condition and packaging.

    • Do not use the manufacturer's packaging as your only shipping package (i.e. skate box). Items without proper packaging may be denied at our discretion.

    • Remember that custom ordered merchandise is NOT returnable or exchangeable and all jocks, girdles, and undergarments are final sale.

    • Ship it! It's that easy.

  3. What if I lost the form that came with my order?

  4. Just print out a new Return & Exchange Form (PDF) and fill out ALL of the information so we can make sure we know whose item it is.

  5. How long do I have to return an item?

  6. You can return an item for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. The item must be in new condition.

  7. I want to exchange this for something else. How do I do that?

  8. It's very similar to the steps your would take for a return. However, when you fill out the Return & Exchange Form, make sure you choose Exchange in Step 2 and that you explain what item you would like instead.

    Gift Cards

  9. Are there purehockey.com gift cards?

  10. Yes! We have gift cards for any dlar amount from $1 to $999 available online and in-stores for use at Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Lacrosse, Total Goalie and Red Tag.

  11. Can a Pure Hockey / Total Hockey gift card be used at Total Lacrosse?

  12. Yes! A gift card purchased from Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Lacrosse or any of our online retail brands can be used in any store or on any of Pure Hockey / Total Hockey’s brand websites.

  13. How do I use my Gift Card / Breakaway Reward / Promo Code online?

  14. Once you have put all the items you want to purchase in your shopping bag and are ready to checkout, there is a space below your credit card information where you can enter your gift card, Breakaway Reward or promo code information. In order to use more than one code please call 866.787.3462.


    Shopping Guides

  15. How do I know what size I am?

  16. We want to make sure you're getting the right fit for your equipment so we've created fitting guides and videos for every major piece of equipment Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Goalie, and Total Lacrosse carry. Just check out our Pure Hockey / Total Hockey Shopping Guide, Total Goalie Shopping Guide, or Total Lacrosse Shopping Guide to find what you need. Have a question you can't find the answer to? Just give us a call at 866.787.3462!

Breakaway Rewards

General Information

  1. How do I become a member of the Breakaway Rewards Program?
  2. You can join at any of our Pure Hockey / Total Hockey or Total Lacrosse retail stores. You can also purchase the membership online, or call our customer service representatives at 866.787.3462

  3. Who is eligible to join the Breakaway Rewards program?
  4. The Breakaway Rewards program is available to all customers ages 13 and der. However, if you are between 13 and 18 years d, you the permission of a parent or guardian to purchase a Breakaway Rewards Membership. You can only have one Breakaway Rewards Membership per family.

  5. How much does it cost to become a member?
  6. You have three different levels of membership to choose from. Platinum Memberships are $39.99, Gd Memberships are $19.99, and Silver Memberships are $9.99. Each membership is a one time fee, and you then have the membership for life. To get details on the different levels of membership go to Breakaway Rewards Overview.

  7. Do I only need one Breakaway Rewards membership for all stores?
  8. Yes. One Breakaway Rewards Membership is all you need to earn points and use rewards to shop at Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Lacrosse, Total Goalie or Red Tag.  You earn points and may redeem rewards seamlessly across all four retail brands.

  9. Why do you need my e-mail address?
  10. With your e-mail address, it allows us to quickly notify you about your Breakaway Gift Rewards. Also, you will get instant access to exclusive member-only offers.

  11. When can I use the 10% off that comes with the membership?
  12. The 10% off can only be used at the time the membership is initially purchased.

  13. Can I upgrade my membership?
  14. Yes. All silver and gd memberships can be upgraded to a higher level. We make it easy for you to upgrade your membership. Simply go into any of your Pure Hockey / Total Hockey or Total Lacrosse retail locations or contact your Breakaway Membership Service Department at 866.787.3462 and tell them you wish to upgrade. You can also purchase the membership upgrade online and check out like a normal order. For example, if you upgrade your membership from Silver to Platinum you will receive 10% off your upgrade order, an additional 1500 Breakaway Points that can be used toward a future order, and all other benefits included with the Platinum Membership.

  15. Does the membership expire?
  16. No, once purchasing the Breakaway Membership, it lasts a lifetime. There are no expiration dates or renewal fees associated to your membership.

  17. Can I return my Breakaway Membership?
  18. No, all Breakaway Memberships are final and non-refundable. All members may return any purchased merchandise and will be refunded minus the cost of the membership and applicable rewards.


  1. How do I earn points?
  2. For every $1 spent, you earn 1 point. Simply present your Breakaway Membership card when making an in-store purchase at either Pure Hockey / Total Hockey or Total Lacrosse or simply be sure to sign into your account when making purchases online.

  3. When can I start earning points?
  4. You will start accumulating points once you have purchased any of the three Breakaway Membership cards.

  5. How do I keep track of my points?
  6. Click on the My Accounts section at the top right corner of the page. Log-in to your account with your username and password. You can view your purchase history within one hour of your most recent purchase, see outstanding points, and print your Gift Rewards.

  7. Do my points expire?
  8. Points do not expire. However, the rewards you receive from those points do expire 365 days after you receive them.

  9. What happens to my points when I return an item?
  10. The points you have earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account.

Gift Rewards

  1. What can I purchase with Gift Rewards?
  2. Breakaway Gift Rewards can be applied to nearly any product, but does exclude some services (such as gift cards and skate sharpening services). See Breakaway Rewards Program Rules for more details.

  3. Where can I redeem my Gift Rewards?
  4. Breakaway Gift Rewards are valid at any of our retail locations or online at Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Lacrosse, Total Goalie or Red Tag.

  5. Can I apply more than one Gift Reward to a single purchase?
  6. Yes.  In store, simply present your multiple Breakaway Gift Rewards to our friendly cashiers.  You have the ability to use multiple Gift Rewards online as well, however [at this time] we request that you call in to our Customer Support Team at 866.787.3462 to process the rewards.

  7. Can I save up my points for a larger reward?
  8. Every time you earn 300 points, we will automatically send you a $10 Gift Rewards to be used online or at our retail locations.  You are able to apply multiple rewards to any single purchase, however please know that all rewards expire 365 days from their issue date.

  9. How long does it take before I receive my Gift Reward?
  10. Once you have accumulated 300 points or more, you will be notified of your Gift Reward via e-mail within 15 days of your purchase. You can check the status of your Gift Rewards by logging into the My Account section.

  11. Do my Gift Rewards expire?
  12. Yes, all Gift Rewards expire 365 days after being issued.

  13. What if I lose my email with my Gift Rewards?
  14. No problem! Go to My Account, log in using your username and password, and select "Get Rewards" and you will be able to print off all available Gift Rewards you have earned.