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Skates have more impact on your game than any other piece of equipment. The correct pair will maximize comfort, performance, and confidence on the ice. At Pure Hockey, our skate fitting process includes hands on, personalized advice from a skate fitting expert based on all factors that impact performance, with the most advanced and accurate fitting tools in the industry.


Based on a recommendation for a specific skate family, each player can choose a skate developed to best fit their unique foot shape. Once the fit is determined, the perfect size skate will be snug but not painful, ensuring the skates move with your feet, and allowing for the best possible speed, control, power, and balance. Choosing a composite boot allows for proper heat molding and a personalized fit.


Within each skate family, it is extremely important to find the skate model that provides the support, stiffness, and durability that your game requires.

Skate Fit Equation for Fit Types